New blog

Dear Angels, Just a quick note to say this is my new home for now. This surreal and adventurous Ascension journey continues, only in a different blog. Cosmic Stories‘ Service has also been launched. All is shifting incredibly before 2020. The New is here. For quick energy updates, let’s connect on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram […]

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Time for discernment

Recently, I received a letter from my father who I haven’t talked to since 2015 or earlier. He and my ex-mom not only stole all my savings but he also believed in her lies and stopped talking to me 3 times already. The last time he did, I just didn’t bother to go through that […]

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The 8/8 Lion’ Gate

It was a very draining phase as we approached the 8/8 Lion’s Gate. Many are extremely sleepy and I kept ‘hearing’ the word ‘reboot’. We are going up again and are leaving more baggage behind. In these final Ascension phases, we are shifting quicker than ever and in that sense, being sleepy is good. Fighting […]

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Empath Handlers

When looking from a higher level (our destiny and evolution), abusive people can be a catalyst or a lesson for our evolution. They might push us to become more than we would have on our own. Continue reading on new blog ✨

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The Solstice is here

From now on and at every moment… Let the old go. Meditate… Dance… Visualize… Express… The New Paradigm you came here to Be. Love All Beings. Remember that ALL is possible. A world moved by Love, not monopoly paper. Schools that nourish and pass on what we learned so the next generation leaps into a […]

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Beloved departed Animals

As Starseeds we might have been disappointed with more than a few Humans and found friendship with Animals. I’ve always spoken up and helped them and almost died saving one. Animals are part of my mission, that’s why I speak on their behalf as I took the time to understand them. There were no Animals […]

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