Equinox Shift

Relax, breathe, meditate, create, dance… Embody the shifting energies coming all the time now. Intend, meditate and visualize Unity, Love, Harmony and Peace for All HUmans, Animals, Gaia and Beings of all realms. Many of these Light Beings are helping us too, from within and without Gaia. The Heart-centered people are the change. No more […]

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Time for discernment

Recently, I received a letter from my father who I haven’t talked to since 2015 or earlier. He and my ex-mom not only stole all my savings but he also believed in her lies and stopped talking to me 3 times already. The last time he did, I just didn’t bother to go through that […]

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Old energy being transmuted

We are asked to remain calm as more ancient and dark stuff leaves the planet. You can help by getting into deep meditation or relaxation (laying down awake, the only work comes from your consciousness) and seeing the old energy being enveloped in a pure Source Light tunnel out of the planet and back to […]

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Thoughts and feelings can be deceiving

Your thoughts and feelings can be deceiving. You might have learned to integrate them into your core subconsciously through observation. You may have been indoctrinated to make them part of you. Or other people may have convinced you that their version of reality is the truth. We all have different Soul and incarnational stories, we can’t follow […]

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The 8/8 Lion’ Gate

It was a very draining phase as we approached the 8/8 Lion’s Gate. Many are extremely sleepy and I kept ‘hearing’ the word ‘reboot’. We are going up again and are leaving more baggage behind. In these final Ascension phases, we are shifting quicker than ever and in that sense, being sleepy is good. Fighting […]

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Mystery Blogger Award

Suzana Cabaco spreads her Light and inspiration to those who are lucky to find her blog. I was so happy to be nominated for this award and had much fun answering it. Her INspirational posts are fun to read and I love her beautiful graphics too 💖 Thank uuu Suzana. Her blog:…   What is […]

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Empath Handlers

I observed what I am going to share by coming full circle myself and by the many Empaths I supported or witnessed going through this. If we all came out with our painful, paranormal or ‘shameful’ experiences, we wouldn’t have had entities and an entitled ‘elite’ trying to control us through shame and fears. Slowly […]

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The dark leaving Gaia

Recently, I had what we used to call dreams but the veils are so thin that the old dreams are feeling more tangible for some of us like they really happened. We might be getting to a point where there will be no barriers anymore between traveling with our consciousness, dealing with the other versions […]

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In Lak’ech

In Lak’ech: ‘You are another me’ – in Maya We are connected with All Sentient Beings, Nature and the ‘Invisible’ Realms. Choose to live with Integrity and Compassion. ‘What we do in life, echoes in eternity.’ – Maximus It actually echoes throughout all Universes. We are connected to our deeds intimately. What we are courageously […]

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