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New Address: www.MartaSasai.com

I am a Cosmic Storyteller and Ascension Forerunner.

I am also a Vegan Animal Healer and their ambassador.In this 5D hub, you may order your Cosmic Journey Report, find Answers, Guidance and Energy Updates on the Blog.

Feel free to contact me at any time.

Remember that the secrets and everything you need is within the Heart. 


Cosmic Stories are my multidimensional journeys bringing back new, forgotten or lost Light, energy, memories or what is needed to your Soul.

Through your Sacred Imagination, these visions bypass the rational to reach your core, starting a shift from the causal level, where it matters. Always deal with the root cause. Don’t waste time cutting the branches/problems/pain. They are only the result of an original seed that caused the blockage.

Some consciousness travels are Source showing me something that we can integrate into ourselves or learn from it.

Storytelling is a sacred method used by many advanced extraterrestrial and Inner Earth civilizations to INspire and heal.

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