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The corona and the two paths

I've been seeing consistent signs of a Split that Ascension First Wavers are going through. We've been in a smaller form of 'lockdown' for more than a decade; there was a split from the normal 3D jobs, loss of finance, relationships, masks, identities, ego and all old ways of being, even elevating our eating habits.… Continue reading The corona and the two paths

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Energy Update & Source Shield Guided Meditation

As I was in my relaxation after the Equinox Unity Meditation, I saw this cloth-like plasma energy arriving on Earth.The Corona was allowed for countless and multidimensional reasons.We are all facing this at our different consciousness and frequency levels. those who'd done their inner work all their lives, it can be the test in mastery… Continue reading Energy Update & Source Shield Guided Meditation

Emotional Healing · Self-Love

From believing to knowing Imagine that your inner world is this beautiful garden. There are trees, grass and wildflowers there. The air is pure and the sun shines brightly upon you. You are completely free and everything is functioning perfectly because it all belongs to the organic nature.Then, because of some perceived authority figure, you subconsciously accept a… Continue reading From believing to knowing

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Time for discernment

✨ New Address ✨ Recently, I received a letter from my father who I haven't talked to since 2015 or earlier. He and my ex-mom not only stole all my savings but he also believed in her lies and stopped talking to me 3 times already. The last time he did, I just didn't bother… Continue reading Time for discernment

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Vegan Guided Visualization, Healing Treatment & Message

INspired by Source and in co-Creation with a host of Light Beings, we brought forth this visualization that serves as an invitation for Veganism and the final Animal Liberation on Earth. It respects everyone's free will but has the potential to make HUmanity aware of what Animals want, what they are trying to say. Vegans… Continue reading Vegan Guided Visualization, Healing Treatment & Message