Choosing Future Timelines


I don’t teach anything because we are all unique and have a different perspective. This vision is only meant to inspire your own inner knowing as we are puzzle pieces, reminding each other of our way back to Source.
Someone said that those believing in a utopic New Earth-like reality are crazy. Without emotional reaction or trigger, I was curious and pondered about it. I don’t take things too personally anymore as my Higher Self comes more into my body and my ego heals or is moving away.
As I relaxed and laid down for about 40 minutes, I saw 3 pastel colored ribbons in front of me and others. I felt I was representing the ‘delusional hippie’ people seeing a bright Earth, another one (the person whose life work are conspiracy theories) was in front of another and the third floating ribbon was for someone else maybe choosing something between fear and love.
I grabbed my ribbon and held tight. I realized in an instant Knowing that by focusing my energy, consciousness, by believing, imagining and giving my consent to the highest timeline I am THE HOLDER of such a possibility.
Lightworkers have been dreaming and working towards a utopic world for thousands of years. We are not the first Holders.
I originally come from 6D Arcturus ‘G’, a place where the whole race was a family. Leaders served and the currency was Love.
As I dimmed my Light to come down here, I’ve been deceived, abused, harassed and attacked for triggering people, it took more than seven years of intense processing and purging these emotions for me to be centered like I am today. Before that, 30 years of my life was pure trauma. I came here believing in everyone, in good and having hope. I lost everything, remembered how to rebuild myself from the ground up and I finally am the highest version of me. I went from believing to Knowing that Love is truly all there is.
Pedophilia, satanism, luciferianism, consumerism, parasitism, sexism, animal cruelty truly happened but it’s not all that exists. Even though I am a new-agey type of person, I know all that dark stuff and do work to clear the sewage – especially my own shadow – I am not denying or ignoring it. When we know ourselves, we know all that is out there.
Thriving in fear is not creating solutions or world peace.
Sometimes I feel I even understand conspiracies better than those who enjoy consuming it every day because I can see why they are happening from lower, higher or multidimensional levels. It feels like some find pleasure in fear like I used to. When I was little, my narcissistic ex-mom didn’t want to deal with us so we rented whatever movie we wanted. I’ve watched my first gory movie when I was only 6 and other things that were not suitable for children. My tv was my only friend (and animals) and babysitter. Children didn’t like me very much either.
After many years of intense inner work (relaxation, healing, ‘knowing thyself’) I realize now how Guides or Angels see our struggles. There is an understanding of the many levels, a detachment that is not cold but so loving it allows freedom for everyone to just be and no need to rescue people anymore.
I’ve ‘stopped’ three suicides as Source put me in these people’s lives as they were not too far gone, I’ve been to hell and back and that is how I know the Light and the dark. I’m not afraid of the dark and battled it since I was little. Demonic entities and possessed people attacked me for a long time until I evolved to Vegan, which rose my vibration considerably. Ironically, the last time an interdimensional lower entity got near me was a few months before I found the horror and went Vegan overminute. The matrix plan backfired because they put me in such a constant ‘good company’ all the time I no longer fear any of that. They make a lot of noise because they have no power.
We, the people, on the other hand, have all the possibilities available to us, that’s why so much energy was spent to hurt and distract us. Once we pull our consent back and no longer focus on barbaric systems, it’ll have no fuel to power them. Some people are waiting for disclosure or an event without realizing they themselves are powering the opposition. Dark parasites can’t generate Light from within, only heart-based Beings can.
We truly hold all the cards. When we pick a side we power polarity, when we buy inhumane products we are $upporting parasitic systems.
As Vegans refused to participate in any Animal cruelty, most brands were forced into creating at least one peaceful type of product in the last 10 years when Vegans started multiplying. I’ve been visualizing and sending Animal Love to the collective and will be Vegan for 10 years now… I am not saying I created this but I know I am part of this change ^_^. Let’s be humble but not in denial. You are so unbelievably powerful, you have no idea how much influence you have in the world if you have an Empathic Heart.
Environmentalists are forcing businesses to think about Mother Nature. Even if their profits is all that they care about, the benevolent is now stronger and can educate those in lower frequencies on how to adapt to the new Earth grid.
I AM sure about higher timelines, despite all the ugly I’ve seen. Old Souls come in here and witness these things to cast the garbage out, cleansing lower creations through witnessing without emotionally charging it. To heal the sick we don’t get contaminated and join them, we truly support their recovery in a detached manner. To save someone from a hole we don’t jump in, we throw in a rope and yell encouragements from the top. Be the Guide that you are, not an enabler or a battery.
When I took that ribbon, I saw that my focus transforms my present and future, and it will dictate in what direction I’ll continue to move into in the afterlife.
I’ve always lived this life thinking about the overall. When I let people rush to grab the last piece of cake and I didn’t compromise my morals for a fleeting conquest, I was intuitively living for this and my future lives. There was always a care to not let my Heart go, even though I’ve experienced losing everyone, income, savings and material possessions.
When we focus on the good and have hope, we are filling our Soul with that energy.
The Ascending person is filling themselves with a certain vibration, the conspiracy people with another frequency and the ones who go on like a leaf in the wind, with another essence. No judgment, all choices are honored.
I’ve heard a very interesting conspiracy once. It had my whole body vibrating, meaning it was important to me. It said that the powers that were went underground while we ‘peasants’ remained on surface Earth and faced the catastrophes. A thousand years later or so, they came out and faced the harsh conditions. Due to their tinkering with DNA, they couldn’t reproduce anymore. They lost their roots and humanity.
When most people hear stories they see only what is shown physically. I started seeing a vision and understood it on a multidimensional level. I don’t mean this is going to happen, at the same time, quadrillions of paths are possible so we pick our truth. What I saw was the surface Earth people ascending while the fearful underground ‘elite’ would go on another era of harsh conditions, conflicts, physicality, pain, trauma and missing their family. The emptiness is subconscious but the void is always there, especially if one supported the demise of their own civilization.
I then saw the surface ‘peasants’, who knew of the underground people, seeing their suffering from a higher density and even coming down to support them as Angels and Guides would. I see a variation of this scene most of the times I hear a civilization was decimated or certain animals went extinct.
I know of more evolved planets, but I’ve also been contacted by Ascended Earth People who live in reality bubbles of a higher vibration we cannot see.
A 4D Maya showed me how they Ascended to a Higher Earth realm while some went back to the Pleiades. Before some of them ascended, they were attacked and conquered. In the vision he shared, some Mayas were meditating near their pyramid and didn’t seem to be eating anymore (or were only on fluids). Seeing or missing something in visions doesn’t mean we’ve got the whole story, that’s a reason why spiritual knowledge has been misunderstood throughout history.
I’ve met the Shambalah people in a less dense reality within Inner Earth. They said they are a group from Mu or Lemuria and they now live in 5D (maybe higher) and are fruitarians. The sabertooth tiger was there, we pushed them to extinction and out of our dimension but they live on in a better world. The tiger didn’t run to eat me, he evolved beyond parasitic meat-eating habits, like everyone in 5D and above do.
I am also seeing that Natives everywhere have been pushed away from here, maybe the heart-based ones amongst them are next to Ascend. Their Spiritual, community-based, money-free and respectful of Nature ways didn’t fit in with the lower frequency of this world, they are so disrespected.
From one perspective, it is unbearable to see how their cultures have been destroyed and robbed, from other levels I see that some of us don’t deserve them and I am happy many of these Souls are going into higher densities. It’s heartbreaking but it’s also evolution.
I believe in hell realms and I’ve seen heavenly realms, there are also many timelines and worlds in between.
We pick our road and are free to do so. Some people try to force us into their belief system box but in the end, it’s our choice and we need to be strong in the face of fear.
Humanity has been programmed on a DNA, cellular, mental, emotional and many levels to feel insecure. With compassion, a clean living with high spiritual virtues we can go back to an Ascending path. We can let ego and judgment go now, we are all in the same boat, figuring our path. Most people have empty spaces within so they want company. They are afraid to take responsibility for their paths alone.
When we are sure of ourselves we don’t need to convince others to come on board.
Some of us Holders believe in kumbaya and a hippie community because we COME FROM HIGHER WORLDS, we already lived that reality. For us, parasitic systems, judgment, fear and criticism is what is hard to believe. We see it, but we don’t agree with it. That is a reality, this is a nightmare. And we felt for our Sisters and Brothers and came here because there was no way those who have never seen something better could ever create it.
Compassion allows others to choose as they wish, as long as they are not harming anyone. In that case, allowing it to happen is cowardice.
Update: Just had another vision brought from sleep. If we live in empathic ways, respecting all life and helping others, we already have future selves in great timelines. Those who disrespect the right other Souls have to exist unharmed, on the other hand, keep digressing and forfeiting their rights until there is no Light left. I have a feeling that some greys and reptilians who were into fear for way too long are going extinct as this new Creation emerges. That’s what this new Ascension is about.

A good heart is light and can float away into higher realms.
Wishing you discernment on your path.



2 thoughts on “Choosing Future Timelines

  1. Beautiful article Marta! My heart is feeling lighter and more optimistic after reading this! Thank you so much! You are a wonderful writer and a beautiful soul!


    1. With the embodiment of new Light, Ascension drain, personal purgings and realizations it has been a few difficult days for me. You just brightened an already beautiful day as I came out of the dark cocoon today.
      I realized recently that the energies are shifting and support is mutual. I am so grateful you stumbled upon this corner of the internet. You made my Heart very Light too, right now.

      Wishing you a great week!


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