Starseed Personalities Breakdown

Starseed Personalities Breakdowns, Dark night of the soul and spiritual awakening

When we come here from higher densities we think everything is possible and good. We lived in Oneness and that’s what we came here to embody and maybe, remind others. But in time, we realize this world is very different from where our Souls come from.
Betrayal, abuse and depression are common in the Starseed’s life. Soon, we find harmful coping mechanisms to deal with the pain while trying to numb our very open hearts. We look around and see that many people are cold and indifferent to what we find abhorrent, making us question ourselves.
Are we too sensitive? Are we caring way too much when what happens here is just normal? We are told by 3D people to just get over it, to be ‘real’ and get out of the fantasy world of idealism. Like dreaming of or being something better is wrong.
Society and our own families will expect certain things from us in this alien world. They don’t want to feel our rich array of emotions that is natural of Empaths – the Higher Humans – and will try to repress it by shaming us. They’ll point out where we are different since we are little. Kids in school might recognize we are different and some won’t react well. Maybe by our teens, we will put on a mask, desperately trying to survive and fit in just a bit. The isolation is excruciating and for many years we may believe there is something wrong with us. We may have people around but the energies don’t match and we suffer from a great loneliness. We rarely find those who understand us.
Creating false personalities comes from trauma and pain. The most common sub-self is the ego. It makes us think only of ourselves. We have the ego, inner-child and many sub-selves when we’ve been wounded in life and neglected to heal those parts within.
In this world, we are told to be someone else in covert ways. Advertisements, religious cults, tv series and movies are all there to reinforce that what we truly are is not good enough. Then they offer an unattainable model for us to pursue. It worked so well that people have been afraid to follow their dreams, dress differently and recently the most insecure and fractured even mutilate their bodies, harming their energy field in the process. It’s occultism and the name says it all. It’s called plastic surgery because it transforms the person with no self-esteem into something unnatural.
It is advisable we do not own a tv channel (channeling harmful energies into our home), be online only for high vibrational activities and as little as possible and have lots of time for meditation and to get to know ourselves. That’s where self-love and confidence come from.
Most people judge each other because Humanity suffers from low self-esteem. When we love ourselves, we are more tolerant of others and accept differences.
A world with people who have the courage to be themselves would be a free planet. We would advance at every generation as it happens on more evolved worlds. A lot of toxic energy is needed to maintain the status quo of drama, finger pointing and focusing on a traumatic past to create our present. We are indoctrinated to give our energy to power an anti-life system.
We have more than one Dark Night of the Soul. All life crisis is meant to straighten Starseeds on their Divine Mission. Our Purpose is not for abundance, career, to feel useful, to find validation our ‘place in society’. The first thing that happens when we follow our Hearts is that we align and become One with Source. The first intention must be service to others, to be Divine Will incarnate. Then we are provided for, we heal and find balance. I am not saying we get rich and can buy stuff, Starseeds are not here to feed the dying system and will feel unhappy if it becomes their main goal. Some brave Lightworkers even live on donations, courageously showing the way towards a LOVE-based and FREE society by BEing the change they want to see in the world. The Natives, the people who lived closer to the Star Being’s ways didn’t use money. It was and it will be possible. Not for the selfish though.
Now, as sensitive people, we cannot keep sacrificing and enabling for free as well. There was a point I had nothing and no one was there for me. Sometimes we will need to volunteer and help freely, but if we are still embodied, need food, water and a roof, then we need to charge for some of our services, talent, time and energy of course. We are provided for if we don’t charge as well, but many of us are not courageous or have faith enough to make that leap yet. Like me, I am not there yet.
Be mindful that when you give people a hand, many will want your legs and all the rest as well. Not only that but when you want to quit them some try to guilt-trip you, saying you have no heart. I went through this over and over and I don’t feel bad anymore because I understand how they work and what they are trying to do. Empaths should always go with their guts. When people say things about you, they are usually talking about themselves.
Take care of yourself first, always. It’s not selfish.
We are worthy and loved just because we exist. We don’t need to be or do anything to be deserving of blessings. We don’t need to become anything more than we already are to receive Love. We are Loved at all times since we split from Source.
Our Soul depends on this 3D lower self being aligned with our Higher Selves, and then to Source for us to advance.
If we look back, we can see that at every crisis, another layer of false personality, trauma or harmful thought forms have been shed. It is painful, like death. A part of us slowly dies at each Dark Night. Those personalities and masks were created unconsciously, becoming a void from where our energy is ‘leaking’. It is important to look at our blind spots. We are conditioned to be insecure and look outside of ourselves, for as long as we don’t know ourselves completely and work on our shadows, other forces can take over and we become good consumers and followers. When we become part of the herd hive-mentality, the pyramid then siphons energy from us when we watch their news, follow their dramas or give attention (consciousness energy) to any of their parasitic systems. Closed matrices or those who are not built upon Love and Unity need to use others as batteries to function. What is happening with many people being exposed and governments falling is the result of such systems that are not based on Truth (Love). All People, Animals and Mother Nature must benefit, or it will go down. That’s Ascension. We are never going back to the way things were, that experience of fear and separation is over.
It’s better no not watch the monopoly monetary and other systems going down but do our own inner work. What no longer serves us is being removed all the time, and with these Christ Consciousness energies, we can barely deal with our own dismantling, let along spend energy observing or judging others out there. We all made mistakes. The more addicted to conspiracy theories or watching lower timelines burn out we are, the longer they will take to go away. As long as someone is feeding them they’ll stay right there.
Healed Starseeds and Lightworkers are needed to dream, act upon, create, talk, believe, visualize and HOLD the higher timelines. We can create anything as we have a higher vibration. Let’s remain neutral, loving and creative and that is what is helping the shift to come about more quickly.
We don’t have time to keep paying attention to the world out there, we have a rich universe within that needs our undivided attention. That’s why Starseeds have so many periods of isolation. It’s our Higher Self removing people and distractions so we have a chance to remember what is really important. We are not here to play. No one is but many got lost in the matrix of materialism, popularity, control or money, even Lightworkers. I fell for a few traps too. The important thing is to come out of it and go back to occupying our hearts.
This is the Earth People’s home and their level of evolution. We already went through these lessons, that’s why we become disillusioned after a while. The common glories, goals and ‘fun’ in this world doesn’t satisfy us. When we go on exploring, we soon realize we cannot fit in but in time, that we don’t even want to.
This world needs the new. It desperately needs more compassionate ways of living and being. Having a family, some money, reserving our ‘love’ only to a few friends and then turning our backs to the suffering out there is not how a society heals and evolve into Unity Christ Consciousness.
Humanity has been divided and conquered and heart-based people are supported by the new energies since 2012 and are creating world peace. That must come from within as we embody and become it, then we have a lot of influence. If we want peace, we heal the inner conflicts of talking in a certain way but acting in another. If we want ‘disclosure’ out there, we become authentic ourselves, without hidden sub-selves or agendas. We walk our talk. If we want more tolerance, let’s hold our tongues at the impulse to gossip, criticize, correct or attack someone, especially Lightworkers who already carried heavy burdens since they were little.
One of the best ways to call an experience into our lives is to judge someone who is going through it. I’ve seen this happening over and over. I went through things and was laughed at or judged and then 3 or 5 years later, the person was going through the same but taking it really badly. Never saw them judging me again. Most are not even aware of how they are creating unnecessary pain in their lives.
With a Universal Shift came the opportunity for many advanced Souls to incarnate here in mass and tip the scale. These Souls already ascended into a more unified world from where they came from. These Starseeds are then attacked from the moment they enter this world so they are brainwashed into pursuing the many distractions and traps in the matrix.
These personality breakdowns that we constantly go through are meant to cleanse us of all this mind control and of who we thought we were. We were allowed to play and get distracted with others so we could understand what is happening here and what people are going through, but then it’s time to leave the playground and begin our Mission. When we don’t hear the wake-up call things start to go wrong. If we continue to ignore it, a life crisis appear.
That doesn’t mean the Life Purpose is not blissful. Every person we help is our number one reward. Where we came from we used to do it for free, sharing our talents for the joy of exchanging Love. Many of us are not good with money or even been shamed for not being ambitious and having ‘normal’ careers.
My own parents scammed me out of all my money when they promised it was being saved for college. I would have left veterinarian school when I found they killed animals to test them though…
Process the losses, but know that you’ll never lose anything here that is truly important to you. I would have lost maybe 4 months of payment and would have gotten myself in trouble, rescuing those animals from murder, I am sure. I also went through losing everyone I knew at one time, had nothing to eat and thought I was going to end up homeless. Because of these painful experiences that I see as gifts now, I no longer am the same person I was 12 years ago.
We can’t embody our Higher Selves and fully connect to Source when we have these masks in place. These personalities are the daughter we were expected to be, the career woman, the warrior, the wounded healer, the preacher or the sweet girl when society shamed us into hiding anger. It doesn’t matter how we coped in so much darkness, there comes a time when the lowest personality must go. It feels like everything is lost because certain jobs, people we know or lifestyle we had been attached to the masks and when they are taken quite suddenly out of our lives, we feel like the carpet has been pulled from under us.
Once we go through two or three personalities breakdowns, we might realize what is happening. Every new mask is more easily removed than the one before, and soon we start looking within and doing the work ourselves. Once we know this is necessary to dig our true amazing Self, we will continue this cleansing with less pain and discomfort.
‘Know thyself’ has been the biggest secret on Earth all along. With that saying being studied, embodied and practiced, we will know our limits, qualities, flaws, love and accept ourselves. Inner knowing, some healing and self-love must be in place before we move on with our Life Purpose. This discovery reveals a Truth long forgotten on Earth: we are all unique. We can’t truly follow anyone or find our tribe, not if that means becoming someone else. No one can say or do anything to take us down because nothing is stronger than someone confident and sure of themselves. Nothing can stop someone who follows their heart with all they have.
When we know ourselves, validation, fitting in and finding permission from others falls away. What others think doesn’t really matter, even if criticism might temporarily hurt us on our path.
When we know and love ourselves, love relationships, friendships and finding our ‘tribe’ is joyful and a mutual exchange. When it comes from a need we subconsciously know it won’t last.
When we fully occupy our hearts by knowing our Light, the shadow and all else, we do not feel lonely. When we fully accept ourselves, then relationships naturally happen without expectations. No one can give us what we don’t create ourselves. Before that they are distractions and our relationships will ‘keep doing things’ to trigger the inner pain so we finally look within.
Our Light is generated within, we don’t need energy from others or even Source because Creator is already inside of us. Usually, we are only missing the alignment with illusions.
Go on and be yourself. Slowly but surely. You don’t need to reach level 10 tomorrow. As long as you are keeping the goal in your heart, it doesn’t matter how long it takes and especially, how fast you are going. Forget competition and hustling, there is no one judging and there is no rush. Go at your own pace always, that’s a great self-loving act. You have your own timing and procedure. By knowing yourself you will realize all that and learn to accept it.
Nature doesn’t rush. Animals are patient. Why do we think we are separate or superior to other Creations?
We can’t go far when we try to be someone else. Who is right anyway? False masks take a lot of energy from us to maintain it in place and that’s another root cause of depression. We are not born to be followers or leaders, we are here to be ourselves.
You are so important and unique that without the manifestation of that You, the world will never get a certain energy and creation that only you can bring. Most people get hurt, scared and they give up, and that’s why the world is the way it is. They came and went but didn’t leave their treasure. Most people die regretting what they didn’t do or become. Our mistakes were only lessons, what we didn’t do or became out of fear will haunt us.

Wishing you courage and authenticity in your journey!


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