Letting the descending go

ascension, division and separation of worlds and realities, lightworker families

Some Lightworkers battled the dark parasites of this planet (low vibration systems, energies, people and entities) since we were born. I’ve been in the receiving end of spiritual sickness from family, relatives, in schools and 99% of the work environments I’ve been in and had to change jobs constantly. Some of us live above the Earth People’s frequency and that can be triggering to the fearful. They usually attack what is different because HUmanity has been indoctrinated to have a closed heart and mind.
Energy transmuting was my primary mission for the first 3 decades of my life. My Grandfather had it much, much worse and my Aunt hadn’t it easy as well. Only looking back I know things were much clearer in my time but both sides of my bloodline were so dark, full of entity attachments, hatred, jealousy, fear, racism and such that I still had a lot to do. My Grandfather and Aunt died early as they got sucked in into these missions, gave too much of themselves and people took everything they could from them. I was going to end up the same way when a near heart-attack, having nothing to eat and losing everyone and everything I had woke me up in time. My Aunt’s grandson is the second Starseed in the family, he has loving parents, a sensitive upbringing and although he still finds the energies here difficult, he showed me Earth is more than ok now. That mission is over and the dark is out of here. Not all have left the planet yet, I’ve seen a vision of some entities still hiding or that they are being given more time to make their decision to Ascend (and will need to ‘repent’, rehabilitating through service-to-others) while others are here because some Humans are allowing them through worship, covert and overt consent.
Some of the chaos we are seeing is actually good, it is coming from the dismantling of parasitic systems. Some who claimed to be of the Light are having their masks falling while the real Lightworkers are being slowly recognized for being Divine Will incarnated all along. For those who don’t know that Ascension is happening or haven’t developed a strong connection to Source, this end time must be very frightening. Things are not getting worse. When we are part of the solution we acquire the eyes to see beyond beliefs, the veil, the destruction and understand ourselves, people and the planet from higher, lower and all perspectives in between. Criticism, judgment and arrogance are blindfolders.
I gave a lot away and helped others freely for more than 30 years. I finally learned my lesson and care for me first and my exchanges are fair now. I’ve done the battles and seen the worst in many realms on Earth. I’ve enabled, rescued or gave people countless ‘second’ chances, forgiving the unforgivable that they would repeat over and over. I got really tired and was forced to learn what is really going on here. What the collective unconscious believe. One belief is that heart-based people are stupid or owe to give more than others. When we leave the parasites and energy vampires they start their emotional drama saying we are abandoning them, that we have no heart or that they were the ones helping and we are being ungrateful. People always accuse others of doing and being what they themselves are.
Many people that don’t generate Light within through a compassionate heart and giving ways are narcissists. These are extremely traumatized young Souls whose main frequency is fear. They can’t see beyond what they are and as they attack others, they accuse the victim of being the perpetrators. It’s quite a gaslighting experience and when we live amongst narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths for long enough we will question our own sanity more than a few times. I had 4 narcissists and a psychopath in my life and my self-esteem took a great hit and I had a major boundary issue. I’ve been accused of things I didn’t do, they spread lies about me and I tried to fix things for years until I was sure it was all in their heads. I also realized that once I was out of their lives, they found another ‘enemy’ and they always target good people. Bullies don’t attack those they think will hit back, neither they are ever alone. Only the courageous can stand by themselves.
As I occupied my Heart and compassion was the only thing I didn’t give up in this life, I never truly cut the connection to Source and came back into empowerment, self-love, confidence and self-worth. My Mission and I always come first because I listen to and do everything Sources nudges me to. I don’t worship Her/Him, neither I am a tool, it feels like Co-creation.
When you maintain Love alive, even when the world breaks your heart and disrupts your own right to have a view, a reality, you will receive Divine Intervention even if you lose everyone you know, all of your savings and your very identity.
Many Lightworkers went through the loss of everything they were and had to wake up and realize how loved and taken care of they are. This is necessary for the real New Earth Pioneers because, for them, abundance, security, relationships, home and materials have another meaning. They are LIVing and BEing it first so others realize it is possible to get out of the old systems, that HUmanity can be free.
We went through the separation illusion from Source and fear is a result of it, but that experience finished in 2012. Now, we move into Unity, Christ Consciousness, into Love and Co-Creation.
Equality, a free society that exchanges Love, talents, creativity and the joy of sharing, abundance to every single person, mutual support, trust and healing to all humans and animals can come about as quickly or as slowly as the majority believes, act and think like. The Wayshowers, Lightworkers and Starseeds who are healed and awakened are holding these higher timelines, but haven’t reached critical mass yet.
Letting go of what is descending is to be tolerant and compassionate. These people want that experience. For those of us who have been enablers, tolerant and giving to an extreme, we’ve done the carrying others on our backs before. Those people don’t take responsibility for their emotions, fears, intentions and actions and as long as someone is enabling them to do so, they’ll sit there in their ass without evolving and will not stop harming others.
We can’t and shouldn’t change anything. Lightworkers are here, the inspiration and true spiritual knowledge have been revealed already, although it’s not popular. Many people don’t want to look at themselves, they want to blame someone.
Letting conspiracy theories, negativity, fake news, the media, businesses that are cruel to people, animals or destroying Mother Earth, toxic people and energy vampires, fear, harmful thought forms and what is happening in these lower timelines will empower the higher vibrations. We can only focus our consciousness so much, those wanting World Peace must BE that change. We have to create the solution, BE the example, think, feel, listen, learn, speak high vibrationally and eat Vegan. No residue of inner or outer violence can remain. We need to focus ALL that we are and have to higher outcomes.
While one single Soul on Earth still suffers, we all feel it too.
I don’t need to be connected because since I quit their fake news in 2002 and then conspiracy theories in 2011, all important news that concern MY path appears to me in the most unexpected ways. I receive a nudge to check a subject during meditation, I hear about it or I indeed end up in a news site for some reason but the important highlight title catches my eye so I know what it’s about but don’t emotionally get entangled with sordid details. Why would I fill my subconscious with such energy?
There is so much need for us to focus on our inner world that distractions are rampant now as the old system screams in indignation as it dies. We don’t want to get caught up in it.
I know how addictive fear is. My narcissistic ex-mom didn’t want to deal with me and my brother so she allowed us to rental anything and I grew up watching gore and horror movies as young as 5 ~7 years old. Because of the daily trauma I went through, I didn’t resonate much with kids’ programs but had a morbid fascination for horror movies. It made me feel good to see that I could be going through so much worse and I knew those scenes were faked. As a child, I thought only torture and murder would be worse than the life I had. It gave me a small and very distorted comfort. It was pretty dark, but we can always look at something from all levels and the benefit of it was that I grew up willing to look at my fears and always been into introspection, knowing the root causes of my problems and pain.
We are living on the Golden Age of miracles. Let’s co-create Love and Peace by BEing it. Those who don’t want to hop into the empowerment boat are honored and allowed to have their experiences, but we Lightworkers must remember we didn’t come here on a rescue mission. We are the INspiration, we came to help only when we are asked, to intervene when we know they can’t care for themselves, such as special cases, children, the elderly or animals and to create the New. Preaching, imposing opinions, convincing and stepping upon other sane, whole and responsible adult’s free will is not helpful. If we are sure of our paths then we don’t need to bring others or convince anyone, our example and path should be the beacon and those who resonate can come on board, not to follow but to walk beside us.
The old social classes, money greed, never-ending pursuit of the ‘perfect’ image, places women and men had in society, hierarchy and all this non-sense Humanity created to feel secure in a sea of fear will be dismantled. Many of us went through the phases of having nothing and then resurrected into our Higher Self, showing that living in Compassion, having our needs met, being minimalists, rare consumers, being compassionate in all of our deeds, having the courage to deal with our subconscious shadows and flaws, always evolving, looking within and not pointing the finger at anyone, BEing the solution or not complaining at all and striving to live in the Highest Vibration every day is all possible. It doesn’t happen overnight. It might even take decades, but it’s possible.
All we are really seeing is the collective unconscious re-creating fear, separation, cruelty, believing someone is out to get them and so on.
Lightworkers create a high vibrational bubble in their houses to be protected from this sea of low vibration that sometimes crosses our path or ‘catch’ on an incarnated person near us, making them get triggered. Because our Mission is more important than anything and until we live as the solution we want to see our life won’t go well, we must focus on self-care, a higher reality bubble home, to take care of our Hearts (where Source Lives) and to, unfortunately, letting unaware, aggressive, wounded or abusive people go, even family. We don’t need to stick by family and relatives for the rest of our lives, it’s only a matrix construct so Compassionate people continue to enable the abusive.
My relationship with most of my family and relatives was absolutely unbearable, I felt like I was trying to talk to someone of another species. They usually misunderstood me and thought I had the same intentions as they had because we all see through that inner lens. The jealous, fearful or competitive always think you are out to get them because that’s what they are trying to do all the time. My help, comment, silence, distance and ironically, closeness all triggered them until I had no other options. We need to remember that heart-based people can be a catalyst for those with their Light turned off. It may seem very personal but it’s not our fault at all.
Because I believed family or relatives stick together through anything, I suffered a lot when I cut the first relatives out of my life. Those were only exercises until I could finally leave my greatest ‘enemy’ behind: my own mom, which took 36 years of her relentless abuse, sabotage, kickings and slaps for me to do it.
The last time my ex-mom hit me I was 26. I could defend myself from anyone but she and her entities had this hold on all my energy power centers, paralyzing me throughout my life. That’s also when I snapped. Source nudged me to let her go since I was 22 and I found about the scam, but I couldn’t. I felt so sorry for her and I let her almost destroy me until I finally had to dump her, as there was a major trajectory shift in 2016. Feeling sorry is not the same as compassion. Compassion honors everyone’s path and we just let them be. When we feel sorry for people we are diminishing them, believing they are disabled although I felt like that because she played the victim all her life and blamed me for everything.
When she left my life, my energy field got cleared, I felt lighter as I never had before, I finally learned to stop sacrificing my talents, gifts, time and energy with free services, I felt more like myself, a veil was lifted, I breathed more easily and the difference was clear. My Dark Night, Veganism and cutting the worst narcissist off my life were major shifts for my self-love, empowerment, energy levels, self-worth, boundaries, courage and confidence. Before these great changes, I used to be blown with the wind, feeling and being greatly affected by the collective consciousness. Now I live in a separated reality and things are clear. I don’t go through polarities, like happy and depressed anymore. I strive to remain centered and live peacefully for 80% of my days. I still process emotions, cry in sadness and even joy now but I went back to when I was a child and could laugh at one moment and cry the next because emotions just flow in an unblocked heart. It is liberating. When we get attached to happiness or bliss, then the lower emotions will also get stuck. The ‘good or bad’ ones are all temporary.
It’s very important that we shield our house. I cleanse, fill my meditation and Ascension room (or bedroom :)), house and land with Pure Source Light, then ask my Guardians, Guides, Angels and all the Family who respects and live in Christ Unity Consciousness to support me in the creation of a great golden, diamond pyramid around my land.
I co-create with them, as empowered and on the same level as they are instead of how it was in the past when we pleaded with them to do it for us like we were below these Beings.
It’s time we look within as time is very short now and remember that we are only responsible for ourselves. I did talk about Ascension to these people and they all laughed. At the time, I tried more than once when in truth, once was enough. Since I was little I knew most of them were not going to make it and I was very worried about them. It took me a lifetime but I Know this in my heart and to leave the descending or Ascending people, systems, businesses and everything to their choice is to honor them. It is not even possible to rescue people, we always do what we want in the end.
The only way a negative, fearful and descending person could ever change paths would be if they dealt with their own emotions and subconscious mind and became service to others (at least trying to be kinder, volunteering or helping others). That is impossible to impose on someone. It is a choice that it takes lifetimes to achieve. As amazing as it sounds, many Souls love drama, fear, suffering and even cruelty. I’ve known lots of people and entities like that.

Sending you Love and wishing you the freedom to let go of the things that don’t make you Light and Happy.

Marta, a Lightwarrior in Japan


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