Vegan Spirituality 1 – Time for Animal Liberation


My mission with Animals is just as important as my other ones. I came here to speak on their behalf and they know it. I’ve been called into the most unexpected and even dangerous places to help an Animal. Sometimes they themselves call me, at other times it’s their Guardians.
There is no difference between HUmans and Animals, we are all Light Beings incarnating in different bodies. Humans have been compartmentalized but beliefs are not Truths.

veganism heals, ascension and starseeds
A Lightworker pioneer, Donald Watson, came in the 1960s because the ground was about to become fertile and soon some HUmans would be able to open their hearts to the most neglected Beings on Earth. He created, tested Veganism on himself, faced criticism and skepticism and it’s not the right of those who came after to hijack it and rename it plant-based. Neither is Veganism about anything else but Animals. The parasites hijack Source creations and then distort it to mislead Humanity’s consciousness out of it so it doesn’t get grounded on Earth.
It is healthy because it is universally natural for sentient Beings to not feed upon other Emotional and Intelligent Beings. We will be moving beyond plants in a very near future, for now, they are less conscious, not as emotional and don’t have a nervous system as Animals do. They do not suffer and for this transition, they are the food option.
In my lifetime before Earth (a 6D planet I call Arcturus G), we were fed by Light and sometimes, through meditation. It wasn’t a conscious action most of the time. Before we evolved into feeding off of Light, we ate plants but we asked them if they wanted to move on and if not, their wishes were respected.
As many cannot communicate with plants at this time, we can at least honor them in gratitude. We definitely cannot ask the same of Animals as they feel pain, and just like Human Beings don’t want to be eaten or harmed, they don’t do either.
It is anti-life and anti-Christ. The feeding of flesh and fluids such as pus dairy has been brought to HUmanity by something that is not HUman. We need Cow’s milk as much as we need Pig or Monkey’s milk. Have you ever heard about negative and aggressive alien races who enjoy blood and loosh? There you go. It was inserted into HUman traditions so we would create energetic debts and consequences because as we enslave, hurt, parasitize and murder innocent Beings, bigger bullies could come in and do the same to people. Many people also worship these negative aliens and interdimensional entities and called them god. We were also farming Animals to some spiritually sick civilizations as they felt superior to us. They fed off of our energy, consciousness, suffering and more. They are being removed, choosing differently or are going away because of the split of timelines or worlds happening due to Ascension, where heart-based people are about to be free and won’t have to deal with any parasitic behaviors any longer. Humans were not innocent in the old controlled matrix. For a planetary race to be safe they need to live according to Universal flow, honoring each other and nurturing all life around them. That hasn’t happened here for thousands of years since Atlantis. Humanity called these parasites here by their beliefs and ways of being.
There are ‘spiritual’ people supporting murder and there are all types of ego excuses for the suffering of these innocent Light Beings, who can’t even defend themselves from us. Many ‘awakened’ think that information is what Ascension and being spiritual is about, when in truth if we don’t practice what we learned we don’t Know at all. Spirituality is not practiced in the brain which is the furthest place from the Heart. To walk our talk is wisdom. Awakening, being Spiritual and true Ascension is about benevolence, allowing All Life to just Be and about evolving.
It doesn’t matter what job we have, if we have any money at all, degrees, if we are married, have kids or whatever old paradigm ‘values’ we were able to accomplish. Being on any level of Earth’s illusionary hierarchy means nothing, having a good Heart is all that truly mattered and was the goal in this school.
Very few still live in their Hearts. Most won’t pass the test and Ascend this time around. This is common and there is no judgment. But we cannot listen to these people’s ego and left brain ‘spirituality’.
Compassion is talked about by certain ‘teachers’ but for those who can read energy and see things multidimensionally, it’s clear when someone ponders, write or talk about Love but do not feel or Know it because they are not BEing it.
To be Loving is to love All, not just our families, our friends, country, species or whatever group box we fit in. A very small number of people on Earth are truly Loving. Love is not selective. It is understandable and this planet has been manipulated for thousands of years, our DNA was tampered with and much more so they encased themselves in the ego personality of fear and pain and used the brain as the main sensory tool. That was done on purpose before the end time of 2012 so when benevolent Beings and Universal Truths arrived, most would be blindfolded willingly and stuck in a small paradigm. Most are not multidimensionally aware so they can’t understand energy, read people, false teachings, systems or practices.
This post is for those who want to hop on board in the last minute and may have been deceived by the idea that an outside event or shift will change what they are within. No, Ascension is hard and painful, we are becoming something else from a molecular level after all. A great amount of darkness, lack of love, inner violence, false beliefs and harmful habits to Self and other Beings must go for us to reach a certain Light quotation within. It’s a personal choice as it takes effort, courage, diligence and great strength.
Many are not aware that their egos are controlling them.
Many who are not heart-based or healed enough went on teaching, healing or preaching without having done the inner work. To look within, be aware of our shadows, flaws, accept and heal all that is excruciating. Most are not willing to do. These people developed some intuition or perceptions and are used by controlling forces to recycle 80% of truths that have been leaked anyway by real Light Bearers but then drop misinformation in the middle of good knowledge.
I won’t stand by while many lies are being spread by so-called spiritual teachers. As of this Now moment, I can feel multidimensionally that most people won’t understand this and get the ego knee-jerk reaction as it happened 2 ~3 times before when I wrote shorter and shorter versions of this, but I AM also leaving this here for a very near future with upgraded HUmans who will totally get it and need it.
I was attacked at the 1st half of the year – as were many Lightworkers and Starseeds in 2018 as the dark dies – by a ‘spiritual’ tarot reader with all the good image of what they should look like, with peaceful pictures, someone else’s quotes and talks of love and light like they usually do but went full on possessed on me. I am very used to it, being born from a family of relatives full of entities and demonic attachments so these antics fuel instead of discouraging me. As Lightworkers and Starseeds we need to remember that this reaction to us – the virus on this matrix – was expected and we ARE strong enough. We prepared for this before incarnating in this insane reality. We were one of the strongest, wisest and most Loving in our planets, realms and universes to be chosen to come here.
Some of them say it is ok if we kill Animals if we do this or that practice before or after. That Animals wanted to become food although that’s the only thing they ‘know’ about Animals. Conveniently, the only wish the Animals told some of these ‘Lightworkers’ is that they want to suffer and die, that it’s for their learning or ‘contract’. These Animals never seem to have more wishes than to go through pain. They have no more content about Animals, just a note that it’s ok to murder them and that the Animals told them so. And these ‘spiritual’ teachers don’t seem to be in contact, helping or having a mission with Animals by rescuing them, communicating Animals’ other messages or even that evolved Star and Multidimensional Light Beings talk about us evolving into more compassionate ways of BEing. Any true Unity, Christ Consciousness or LOVing Being care about Animals as much as they do for HUmans and Gaia. ‘Light Beings’ who only seem to care about HUmans are the New Age deceivers, they are not of the Light Christ Consciousness. To Love is to love All.
Source didn’t Create one single Being whose Life Purpose was to agonize. This is a barbaric human belief to excuse their pleasures and conveniences.
The dark twists words and theorize things to try to transform truths because they can’t create anything. They have no news, they copy & paste other people’s material, plagiarize, imitate others and only share selective ‘knowledge’ that doesn’t harm their agendas. It has been done for ages and HUmanity has been mentally excusing all sorts of cruelty throughout history. The heart would have never agreed with it, only the brain can excuse atrocities. Truth is truth and it always comes out.
No matter what crimes they committed, throwing gladiators for lions to eat while people cheered was never truly justified. It was at the time, most of the zombies agreed with that back then.
Most of the planet believed at one time that people from Africa were less Human than others, there were all sorts of excuses as well so the privileged could have others do their work for them. HUmanity has been brainwashed to follow along with the collective consciousness.
The greatest proof that Source is working to end Animal suffering is that many of the New Ray Children, such as the ones that came after the Indigo Children are born or evolve to Vegan at a very young age.
I was honored to get in contact with a New Ray 14-year old teenager who was more interested in planting her own food, spreading peaceful Vegan awareness to her peers instead of trying to be popular, worrying about fashion or caking her self in make-up and all that nonsense.
A 9-year old advanced Child refused to be part of the problem but his parents refused to make one cruelty-free dish for him so he took matters into his own hands and started cooking Vegan by himself.
There are children who are Vegan and then inspire adults and the whole family, guiding them towards a more evolved way of living.
Gaia called genuine and heart-based Starseeds for Herself, but there were others who did as well: the Animals. That’s why the Vegans are here in mass now. We are fearless because we don’t feed upon their trauma and suffering. I heard that call.
When I learned the horror I went Vegan overminute. I was vegetarian because I was deceived by them when they claimed it was cruelty-free. I had also gone vegetarian suddenly as well but had no idea what happened in the pus dairy, fetus eggs, feather, leather, collagen and animal testing in these parasitic and demonic industries. To participate is to be part of this global black magic Animal sacrifice.
One day I was in my bedroom when all of the sudden it ceased to exist and I saw this vision of a farm. I was taken there to learn something. It was in Europe, in some remote, very green place where people like to have the illusion that as long as farm Animals have space, they are happy. This wasn’t a dairy industry type of farm, it was small but as we know, the truth is that they are slaughtered in the end anyway and their babies are taken from them so Humans can steal the milk. They need to be constantly impregnated too, otherwise, they don’t produce milk.
I saw this thick gray mass cloud above where the Cows lived. They were mourning and yearning for their babies and friends (yes, Cows have life-long relationships just like Dogs or Humans). That mass is added to the collective Human suffering and was done on purpose, so Light was harder to get into this planet.
I went into a deep and long relaxation to be fully aligned – and one – with Source to talk about this. Source told me She is counting on me to write about this as others are afraid. I’ve been attacked before for speaking on behalf of Animals and it’s not pleasant, but I understood that we are not done with the hardship just yet. We are almost there and the division of worlds is about to happen, but there are still things I must leave here and not take to the grave or an Ascended body with me when I go.
The energies are so intense that I question if my time has come because it doesn’t seem I can hold any more Light sometimes. Whatever way I am leaving, it doesn’t matter, but I really thought I didn’t need to talk about these dark things anymore.
I have another blog that evolved into this one, and that one was more on this line of information. Source also told me that unfortunately, I will not see the rewards in this lifetime and many can’t understand about this Love for All yet – especially Animals which most people treat pretty badly – but that I am writing for some who will receive this in a near future. We are not all Ascending or leaving at the same time, it is important we share what we learned in life so the planetary race can evolve at every generation. We need to leave fear and shame behind and speak up what we know in our hearts.
I couldn’t understand for a long time why I received so much backlash all my life and blamed myself for many years for ‘attracting’ it until I realized I didn’t live in a 5D consciousness but of a 6D. That was why so many misunderstood me, my intentions or what I am actually saying. Even my family, relatives and past ‘friends’ who lived in different frequencies. And I always felt I was being pushed out of society, that my ways and very energy were rejected until I started living on Hermit mode.
After 2013 with this completely new world (in energy form until now) I started speaking up in some communities until the attacks restarted online as energy doesn’t know distance. Instead of cowering, they made me set in my ways and actually showed me I am doing the right thing and I got even more motivated. I’ve been attacked since I was in the womb because the old matrix knew I figure dark people, entities, energies, systems and teachings out, that I get to the bottom of things and always speak up. In a land of mediocracy, cowards and followers, do not think that being criticized, attacked or threatened mean you should stop but these are signs you are on the enlightened correct path.
There comes a time in a Lightworker’s journey where you will have to choose the zombified, sick and dying patriarchal society or Source. The fractal’s path back home is lonely, painful, dangerous, you may lose all you have, everyone you know, you will be stoned and your reputation might be destroyed. To speak up the Truth here is to be ‘crazy’ but when we look back in history at real Lightworkers (not just famous figures), how many were right? All of those with integrity. But that’s the path as there are two clear ways before us now. And that’s another reason why the truly Spiritual has been sequestering ourselves in caves or in our 5 and 6D homes in this recent decades, so we can survive really.
I came to understand what the minimal requirement for the 5D New Earth is. Many are focusing on loving themselves first before they Love All and that’s why Veganism or Environmentalism is not well understood on this planet. Most are focused on their own skin and as long something is not hurting them, everything is fine.
Love doesn’t have boundaries, it doesn’t stop and say ‘I won’t embrace those of a different species.’
I pondered in the wisdom of that and it seems Gaia needed Old Souls here but also, very Ancient Souls. We are very few and if you find your life on old Earth has been very difficult, maybe that’s why. You might be Ancient, not Old. There are all levels of spiritual people here, some reached Compassion while others are beginning to learn about it. The latter is more popular and wealthy because teachings that make us look within is uncomfortable and painful. Most don’t want to do it. They don’t get attacked as they didn’t step on any toes. These ‘spiritual’ people watered down spirituality to the point of distortion and recycle it from someone else because they don’t get their information directly from Source. How accurate is the information that has been passed down from ego to ego (people who didn’t do their inner work)? That’s why ancient knowledge has been so distorted throughout history although they were Light/Truth when they first reached the planet.
Next time you hear someone excusing Animal exploitation in any way (I heard everything, from organic fed Animals to HUMANE slaughter (?!). Seriously, a compassionate way to murder a Living Being?? It is really discouraging to see so much distortion sometimes) change the word Animal for HUman babies and you will see at what level of Compassion the person is really coming from. A truly loving person loves the baby as much as they would an animal and themselves and there is no hierarchy. Christ Consciousness is Unity, compartmentalized love is a theory, a product of the brain. Always look for the bottom line of what someone is really saying. The energy signature of their message, how it does make you feel? They will go round and round but there is an end result beneath all the beautiful words and fluff. Then you put it in your heart’s scale and see if that ‘teaching’ is Light or a dark distortion.
If Animals want to be sacrificed, ask yourself if you would do it if a HUman Baby asked the same and even if they did, if it would be benevolent of you to do so.
If all is well if we bless the carcass meat, then ask yourself if there would be no karma/energy resolution if all that was required of any abuse towards a Child was to bless and thank them later.
If Animals have a ‘sacrificial or victim pattern’ within them, then ask yourself if a Girl who has been raped throughout lifetimes should suffer the same again because she still carries that blockage, and even so, if anyone has the right to act upon it if she was truly ‘attracting’ it.
HUmans are desensitized. It takes people who come from more peaceful worlds to be able to see things here are not ok. Those very few of us who lived a loving life and have been around for eons must find the courage to speak up for them. Animals speak, feel, love and fear, but they can’t talk HUman so most won’t listen.
I also have some level of Animal communication and they know this. Many found my backyard asking for help. Some are wounded, another was about to have babies so she wanted shelter and so on. I received their constant visits especially before 2012 as most Animals souls WANT to Ascend. By coming to a 5/6th-dimensional energy house they knew they could heal their bodies or release trauma so they could be ‘lighter’ and float into higher densities.
Animals have been looking at me or I’ve been in their constant company so I can speak on their behalf because I took the time to know and understand them. Kids usually didn’t like me, I got bullied a lot and I had no real childhood friends, Animals were all I had.
I NEVER met one Cow, Chicken, Pig, Puppy Mill victim moms, Cats or any other Species who wanted to be murdered, to be exploited or be in zoos. I doubt these ‘spiritual’ people spreading this misinformation truly talked to any Animal or have seen into their path at all. Animals are Ascending too.
I don’t even ride Horses. When I was a little unconscious and extremely wounded at 17, I rode one cause I was stupid and just went along trying to make everyone happy. As I mounted Him, we went through a straight dirt road but I felt when he wanted to turn left, right or go somewhere else. He was a slave. His ‘owners’ forced these horses into stables in endless boredom with annoying things attached to their face and they had to go up and down the hill to satisfy customers who were not even thankful or talk to them.
When ‘my’ Horse realized I wasn’t guiding or forcing him at all, he started to remain behind and I ‘let’ him. My wonderful Lightworker Aunt stopped as well and watched. The Horse went to the PRECIPICE to eat some grass. I also felt he was trying to be funny, giving me some adrenaline while blowing some steam because he was stressed and irritated. My Aunt was afraid for me as he leaned down and kept lowering his neck and I went along. I just knew he wasn’t going to throw me. Throughout our journey, I kept rubbing his neck and talking to him and I could feel he was so happy. Not as happy as if he was left alone to be wild like Horses should, but he was really surprised someone was talking to him at all. Everyone was waiting at the end and very annoyed I took so long.
I once saw a so-called ‘organic’ and ‘free-range’ farm with lots of space. A Cow was looking at me intently and I started getting sad all of the sudden. I noticed it immediately cause I was laughing a second before that. I didn’t know I was an Empath, could communicate with them, had a level of telepathy or vision and it all happened very fast. She wanted me to do something about her problem. I saw this small Baby Cow and then I felt like crying. I then saw another Calf in my mind and wanted to cry again. It happened twice I think and I had no fricking idea what was happening. But I never forgot the despair.
When I found the truth through a ‘preachy’ Vegan in a vegetarian forum (the irony), I was instantly pulled from the moment and my consciousness traveled back in time so I could finally understand what the Cow was telling me. And I don’t think She showed me only one baby, but that she was forced bred over and over so She would produce milk and the babies were being sold. Some – I’ve found – are killed right in front of their own Mothers…
There is no humane slaughter – this world is truly insane. It’s like saying there is a compassionate way to kill a Baby, or that the Holocaust would have been ok if they were treated well before they were murdered in the end. Or we should compare whatever treatment Farm Animals are going through if it was happening to Dogs and Cats we know.
I’ve finally found I was an Empath – or that something was really wrong with me – ten years ago. I went to a zoo to see my favorite Animal ever: the Elephant. This one had His head against the wall and I could swear he was crying. He was alone in this small space for an Elephant and I felt an excruciating misery coming from him for being alone for years. I was frozen. The pain was so great that I just knew it was coming from someone else, as I was relaxed and laughing before that yet again.
That’s what the Universe do when there is something important for us to figure out. Time stops, the world becomes weird all of the sudden or there is a paranormal feel in the air. I used to dismiss the idea I could read energy and Living Beings before and I mourn the fact that it took His suffering for me to wake up to my mission and ability.
I cried and transmuted His angst for two weeks after that. I never went to a zoo again. I’ll continue to write those parasites that this Elephant should go to a sanctuary, where his depression will end when he gets some friends and some god damn space.
The thing is most think that Animals are below us or something, that Universal Laws only apply to HUmans. That was eons ago as HUmans were only capable of understanding that killing each other was harmful to everyone involved. Now comes another piece of that Truth and that Animals have the same right. Humanity would never understand it back then, that’s why there were no Animal liberation efforts before the courageous Donald Watson and Animal rights activists, Vegans and rescuers are in mass here now.
We only receive new Teachings when the ground is about to become fertile. When a few dozen Humans are capable of embodying the new Light at any given time as they’ll be the pioneers that will spread that information to the rest. Someone just needs to be open enough here to ‘catch it’ and then add it to the collective consciousness. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so important to BE more than to do things. We can feel in our hearts the gravity of harming, disrespecting, enslaving or taking a HUman life. It is the exact SAME with Animals.
I didn’t want to write this improved Vegan spirituality article because I am sure most won’t understand. There’s always new information about Animals coming in for me, that’s why this is so long. I’ve been living a life like I speak a different language than most people, but Source said ‘I am counting on you. At this moment, only you can do this.’
*Source decreed Animal suffering is to end on Earth.
As one of the people who most Love them on this planet (where I come from it’s just completely normal, I am not special) I’ve been speaking on their behalf but there are others.
For those of us who were hurt by what we saw happening to Animals on Earth and came to help, let’s reflect if our societal fears are more important than accomplishing our mission and speaking on their behalf. Starseeds, you know who you are. Yes, it’s very scary. It was horrifying when I started in 2013.
In 2012, I saw a news title (because I don’t read the usual fake news at all) that a Lioness refused meat. That triggered a ‘Knowing’ in me and I knew it was time to speak up for our little sisters and brothers, and I knew that Animals were evolving. This was the sign I was waiting for subconsciously. I doubted myself and people attacked me for linking Veganism to Spirituality, but you heal from that. Years ago, I did cry about the reception, the doubt and the ego lashing I received. I went into a deeper Hermit mode and in 2014 started speaking up again. It didn’t hurt as much and you get a complete improved thick skin once you move on from the initial pains. Some Lightworkers give up, go offline, stop speaking, writing or whatever is their creative form and I completely understand and empathize with the ones doing that. But when we remain stagnant, the fear becomes heavier. When we take little baby steps, the fear starts to evaporate. When it hurts and we run, the fear will become a phobia and block. I actually started to speak up even more when a beloved Starseed went offline. I felt like I knew her and her videos were extremely helpful, but then as it always happens to the genuine ones, she got attacked and gave up. I was furious and created a blog after that. I felt like as a soldier went down, it was my duty to stand in the vacated space. I mourned her departure like I lost a close friend I knew in real life. She didn’t speak up yet but she was clearly cruelty-free as well.
The more I spoke up, the more visions and truths started pouring in. The more I embodied my Mission, the more I became One with Source. That’s the goal of Ascension.
We can only be pure Divine Will incarnate through the heart. We occupy our Heart Stargates by living a clean, compassionate, high vibrational life and by being in service (not sacrifice). We are not tools, neither we are used by Source. But at this crucial last moment before the split, we might be Source in the form intervening on behalf of some really good Souls who want to Ascend but are stuck.
Discern some of the law of attraction and karma misinformation. If your heart is calling you to support people or animals, do not withhold your love blaming the person for ‘attracting’ it, that it’s their karma or there is a contract for anyone’s suffering. No one knows that and that’s judgment. Not even Source judges. We all have good, bad and in between consequences to what we do, but Source is not sitting on a high throne looking down and punishing us.
To Love is to not judge.
We need to be in our Hearts for Ascension. The key to a high vibration comes from the heart, it’s much more important than doing certain techniques, eating super-foods, doing yoga or having whatever habits. As long as you occupy your Heart, your soul is safe. Source is IN the Heart, it must be clean and thriving with empathy.
No inner or outer violence must remain, no excuses or separation.
When you are One with Source, you will know when to move if a disaster or something dangerous is about to occur and you are not to leave your body yet. You will receive help and correct information on how to increase your Light quotation although no one will save or do it for us, it’s our task and the path to empowerment. We are becoming Creators ourselves, that’s why there is no cuddling.
This became really, really long so I decided this is to be part one. Up next, some inspiration from other realms and beautiful Beings.

If you read this, I am thankful and sending you immense Love, Healing and Empowerment. I love you very much.

Marta, a Vegan LightWarrior who rescues or heal Animals at home, in Japan.


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