Vegan Spirituality Part 2 -Higher Beings and Dimensions


I contacted Yeshua recently – the so-called Christ – because I had this question I was dying to know the answer for years but thought it was stupid. As we embody more and more of Source with Ascension, our confidence, self-acceptance and more also increase. I was contacted by Him when I was 21 with a personal message but always felt unworthy of talking to Him again due to all the harmful beliefs we normally carry as part of a controlled HUman race. I finally asked if He had been Vegan. I felt this incredible Presence and Energy in my ‘Ascension chamber’ (or bedroom 🙂 and like so many Higher Beings, the answer was a short burst of energy exchange with a lot of information compacted. He said ‘I love Animals and would never hurt them.’ With the exchange there was also understanding, I felt cared for, there was a knowing that I shouldn’t look for approval but He sent me an appreciation for what I do for Animals anyway.
After purging enough trauma throughout the years, I had a much lighter and flowing Heart. I was then contacted by Antana, an elder from Shambalah. The ‘password’ for some Earth high vibrational realms, bubbles or Inner Earth cities is a minimal level of Heart frequency. Being in Service and in Love (not the romantic/needy type) is the fastest way to get there. He asked me if I wanted to meet these descendants from Mu during astral travel. I almost jumped and said that of course, I wanted.
I still have difficulties bringing back my time in starships and other realms into the physical body, but he must have helped me because I woke up with a very vivid memory. I usually only have a feeling or a picture. He reminded me of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Elrond a bit because of his welcoming ways and long robes. In appearance, they were 3 meters tall so that was different. They also had this tall headpiece, a little bit like the pope but with no expensive or vain/over the top decorations.
These are not all the Lemurians left. I feel the Mu people went everywhere, to different realities, to other star systems, you name it.
When I arrived, I was invited to sit at this long table with 50 people or more. They all bowed to me, not because I am special but because they are.
I almost cried because I had been mistreated a lot, even by my relatives or family (who are no longer ‘mine’ anything) and the Shambalahns Loved and Honored me for who I was. There were hundreds of things exchanged with that simple gesture from multiple energetic levels. They truly saw me for who I AM and I felt at home. I’ve never been in an environment in my life where I trusted everyone in the room since I was a baby. There were no demands, no judgment or any lower bothersome things. It was very healing. It seems that I’ve been on Earth in the past and they knew me from the time before Lemuria became physical.
When I was about to sit I begun to panic. I thought there was no way I was going to eat Animals, no matter how nice those people were. I worried about being rude but decided to refuse their ways if I had to. I heard someone chuckle, followed by a few others and when I raised my eyes from the table, they were grinning at me with kindness – not laughing at me – and Antana said ‘We do not eat Animals.’ I instantly blushed, realizing they were all telepaths and in my panic, I had screamed my thoughts at them. It was so funny. I always smile when I remember this.
They were fruitarians, by the way. A Loving way of BEing is the minimal requirement for 5D at least.
Other things happened that I might share in the future. Then he gave me a tour through their quiet and beautiful stone city. Colors were more beautiful and varied there. They are 5th dimensional and actually going higher than that. They did not cut their trees but allowed plants to grow as they wished only adding decorations or personal touches. That dining ‘hall’ I ate at was all open, another thing that reminded me the Elves of J.R.R. Tolkien’s stories. I feel the author was an outside soul, his stories describe things I’ve seen in other universes and worlds in my Soul travels.
The stones were moved to create certain spaces, nothing was broken or modified much. There was no danger there so everything was open. They didn’t lock themselves in houses but lived in communities. I’ve found that the more evolved a civilization, the more they go back to Nature instead of creating cold cities and are not into artificial technology.
Antana was the wisest Soul there but he was also the one who was more in service than anyone else. People just consulted him because he had the highest vibration or was the Eldest. He was a real leader and are seeing the heart-based part of Humanity moving in this direction. Leaders are not supposed to be served and they only ‘lead’ by example and if they can INspire others to be themselves.
We were talking at one point while I was grinning all the while like a child (my greatest passion is to meet Light Beings and Higher Realms, I used to be a traveler and storyteller before incarnating here), I stopped suddenly and my Earthly fears came to the surface. I saw a Sabertooth Tiger looking at me intently, and forgot about my tour guide for a moment. Antana then said that it was ok, that Animals were peaceful in that realm. There were no predators there. I was looking at an Ascended Animal. It seems we pushed this beautiful species out of our reality for not loving them.
That reminded me of what happened to the Natives who have been robbed of their culture – and murdered – and many benevolent ones who are Ascending next.
Three hundred years ago, many African slaves who haven’t lowered their frequency through hatred and such but used their suffering to Ascend in Consciousness, created reality bubbles around the planet. To this day they await the New Earth before they come back.

#SpiritualVegan - Animal Love Liberation - True Ascension Process as a Lightworker

My original mission was to volunteer and incarnate as an African woman slave with many other Starseeds who felt compassion for what was happening here and lifted that pattern out of existence. Some helped by being benevolent slave ‘owners’, others were slaves to comfort others, be channels or healers amongst slaves like me while another group infiltrated the matrix to push some laws, spoke up for them and done other things to end that madness. I am still in contact with these African Light Beings enslaved with me from a very colorful reality called Aruanda. They always watch over me. My grandmother of that life was my ‘Guide’, preparing me for extraterrestrial contact which I can only understand looking back.
My Arcturian Family told me that Veganism was responsible for me to be able to lift my vibration and consciousness high enough so they could meet me half way. All genuine Arcturian Starseeds I met are Vegans or evolved quickly into it as it was our natural state before incarnating here. My Star Family lower themselves in vibration but in my own trauma frequency, I couldn’t ‘hear’ or ‘see’ them.
Contact with lower entities was always easy enough though and many tried to deceive me into thinking they were my Guides. Many people are in contact with such entities thinking they are their star family or support. We need to live a clean and high vibrational life to attract Light Beings with equal integrity, Love and wisdom. Guides are not superior to us, we will attract those that are on our level. If we want to be sure about their honesty, intention, wisdom and Love we need to prepare before working with them – for years sometimes – and Higher Beings won’t run away from our questions, will not tell us what to do or demand anything from us.
While in meditation, I was contacted by a Fairy who doesn’t want her name known. Since 2012, ‘my’ rescues started leaving their bodies. It was heartbreaking, one year after another. Before I was healed from one departed Child, I lost another. I rescue the elderly, sick or adult as most people only want baby Animals and I knew those were the ones who wouldn’t find help, even by those who call themselves ‘Animal Lovers’. As a few of my ‘Children’ arrived at this plane of existence where they take care of the Animals of this region, she was intrigued when the healer said it was another one from ‘that house’. I have a rescuing thing going on at home and it kept coming up in conversation ‘up there’. It was unusual to have so many Animals coming from one single house for them. Sometimes I just feed, other times Animals are healed while some are released as they are happier in the wild, and others, unfortunately, cannot live by themselves as we stripped them of their defenses so I just let them in if they want. I didn’t shield my house at the time so she came in to take a peek and when I was meditating she saw the opportunity to come whisper in my ‘ear’. She also wanted me to share a message if I wanted to. She said that lots of people say that Fairies and Elemental people love the environment and that is not true. The elementals have a special love for Animals and their well-being is essential for a harmonious Environment. She also wanted me to tell other Vegans, rescuers and those who speak up for them that we have a lot, I mean A LOT of support. They shield, protect and even intervene on our behalf sometimes. That many sympathize with us from unseen realms because before us, nobody cared. They feel what Animals go through in farms, zoos and all exploitive business and they find abhorrent. All sensitive Beings can feel what Animals are suffering. We are all connected, it’s hurting us all. They know we are kind of ‘new’ here and they want us to stay and multiply. One of the reasons why they withdrew from HUmans it’s because most of us distanced ourselves from Nature and were not spreading their true messages anymore.
Many, but many Light Beings want Animal Liberation. Don’t be deceived by the New Age people defending murder, because that’s the bottom line of what they are saying. Feel (not think) about it. We can always discern between descending and Ascending actions, lifestyles and beliefs… We must be benevolent and peaceful – it is the key to Ascension – no twisting of words or no matter what other correct information a Lightworker has can change the disinformation they are spreading. Love is Love, let’s not corrupt it.
The masks are falling off and those of the Light are more visible than ever. Only those with a clear and loving way can see people and multidimensional entities for what they truly are. We’ve been warned about the false gurus, this is not a time to follow anyone but to be empowered and occupy our Hearts, it’s the only safe place. We need to clear it first. With trauma and hidden energies, it is too painful to visit the Heart.
Veganism is a self-healing method in itself. I never had negative or demonic entities get near me again, I became invisible to them. The dark parasites then used unaware, zombified or evil physical people to attack me but that also diminished since 2012. The new grid protects heart-based people now, the old world insanity can still reach us but they are losing their grip every day, hence the 2017 escalation of attacks on Lightworkers. If they reach you even though you’ve done all the inner work, don’t blame yourself. There are clever ways they still try to hurt those truly carrying the Light. 2018 has been a year of major Lightworker attacks as well and I received two during the first half through online very wounded and possessed people. It helped me to be even more aware of where I go online. The isolation intensifies for our own security, but do not worry because freedom is around the corner for the TRUE Lightworkers as I saw a vision that the rubber band is about to snap. The split of frequencies or worlds is about to happen at anytime now and we’ll be free of the insane, unaware, non-evolved people and entities with no Heart left. And with a clear conscience, we are already naturally joyfull and free within ourselves but we are about to see this in the physical in our heart-based timeline, finally. Although it will be a minority on this planet.
Veganism expanded my consciousness considerably during my Saturn Return in 2009. I almost became someone else. Animal suffering put a lid on my own trauma and I couldn’t purge it. In 2 months I became calmer, in 8 my self-love and self-esteem had risen considerably. Others noticed.
It was responsible for my self-confidence, courage, power and energy levels to skyrocket. Before going cruelty-free I used to have depression, anxiety, lots of nightmares, toxic shame and guilt making me stay in the dark parasite’s frequency range. It was responsible for my full alignment with Source and it’s more important than meditation in my perspective, as I was practicing it before I went cruelty-free. No change in density happens overnight but looking back I can clearly see what was the Ascension game changer for me. After evolving to Vegan the purging started (physical, mental, emotional and energetic and that’s why those who don’t love Animals give up as they get overwhelmed in the first months or 2 years). That’s the secret. All worthy pursuits that will bring us Soul freedom and mastery require Love, hence the True Love for Animals for someone to persist in a cruelty-Free lifestyle if uncomfortable purging signs occur. That didn’t happen to me because knowing about what happened to our younger sisters and brothers woke me up instantly to what was normal for my Soul before coming here. By incarnating on Earth I somehow forgot most Universal Truths and Laws for a while. As I always listen to my Heart I started creating my own rules, that’s why conditioning, being brainwashed and wounded are no excuses. An evolved Heart and consciousness will overcome any implants, energetic blocks and thought forms, we only have to persist even if we go back and forth. I had allergic reactions when I ate their fluids or something by accident because I trusted someone else’s assurance they read a package or they literally didn’t care. I instantly felt energetically very wrong and numb as it lowered my vibration and some disgusting stuff got attached to my energy fields.
The shifts that used to happen over a decade or years in the past became monthly or weekly recently as I don’t have much low vibration, pain, fears or density left. I still look within as evolving is a continued work but there is no one single shift that changes absolutely everything. We can always ‘know thyself’ better, align with higher service or Love ourselves and All more and more.
No matter how sensitive we are or not, we can feel all the Animal went through.
To feed upon a Being of a lower consciousness is very damaging. Even if it was not cruel and it was freely offered, Higher Beings would never eat us or put lower frequency DNA into their bodies, for example. It digressed People and it has been imposed on us from parasitic entities from black holes of an opposite universe so we would get stuck in lower energies and karma. Eating Animals and their fluids transformed HUmanity into a more fearful and aggressive type of Beings overtime, passing down mutations, trauma and violence down the generations. The Lyrans, the first HUmans didn’t consume Sentient Beings. No benevolent race does. We, certain Reptilians and digressive entities are one of the last bad neighborhood in the galaxy doing all sorts of atrocities, completely dissociated from the Heart.
This is not preaching or judgment, it’s simply the Truth I am asked to write about because no one else did.
I do scan the collective sometimes and feel some of the truly Spiritual figured this out but are shy or afraid to say it – which is completely understandable – but if we don’t have the guts to speak up, then who? Is our popularity, number of readers, the fear of not selling things or being approved by a bigger number of the majority – who are heartless – really more important than the Truth we know in our hearts?
We, the Animal Defenders who came here to help lift the collective consciousness beliefs towards the innocent have been trained our whole lives to get out of society, face fears, criticism and attacks. That’s WHY we suffered this. We have thick skin. Know that critics are only talking about their own selves, it’s embarrassing. I learned this when I was 13 and continued to confirm it by observing people. They would accuse me of insane things or I’ve seen people gossip about others behind their backs saying things that as an Empath, I could clearly see that they themselves were. And I’ve always known the root causes of why people are acting the way they are, that’s why many feel uncomfortable near or dislike Empaths instantly sometimes. We see others through the lens of what we are. And people get triggered by Truths, that’s why there is so much watered down ‘spirituality’ everywhere, so people’s ego doesn’t get wounded but at the same time the information does not help them get better. A lot of the ‘spiritual’ bowed down to the system after being repeatedly abused.
A minority of us didn’t incarnate on Earth for this, we are incorruptible. We knew some would sell out to the system, maybe some have the mission to descend with the majority and support them in the next era of even more suffering, density and trauma that they are choosing to go through. For those of us who are Ascending, who do the inner and outer work every single fricking day, who dream of world peace, who help others when we see suffering, who lost everything and everyone, what else do we got to lose?
I lost All, 12 years ago. I thought I was going to break. The only thing broken was my link to a sick society. Losing my personalities, having my dignity crushed down, having people turning their back at me, attacking, criticizing, laughing, gossiping or destroying my reputation with false rumors, having my own parents scam me out of my savings and then threaten to kick me out the apartment they bought with my own money and going through a near heart-attack as I had no food and was passing out all the time made me wake the hell up to what is really important. No one, no material thing or whatever image people had of me belonged to me. In losing everything I found myself and I wouldn’t change that experience for anything in this world. I am truly FREE, sovereign, Love and know myself and that’s rare. That’s what this blog is about. I live in inner peace and joy most of the time. I feel all emotions without blocks.
I do understand what David Icke went through to speak his truth. I cried when I saw a bunch of idiotic zombies laughing at him because he figured the reptilians and parasites of the old Earth out (they are being cleared out of here). I am not saying all his info is correct but that’s the perception he had at the time and it was great. I’ve been through similar experiences when I was bullied, when family or relatives attacked me or the many betrayals or mistreatments I went through from ‘friends’ and people I helped. There were times I doubted my sanity because I was gaslighted a lot but it was all meant to take my blindfolds off and strengthen me up. The only reason I survived was because I never gave up my heart, my compassion and HUmanity. It was commonly repeated in conspiracy and spiritual communities that there was a war for our consciousness but it was more for our Hearts. Even though I am an extraterrestrial Soul and have been aware of it for a long time, I feel more HUman than many heartless people that are so common in this world. Many genuine Lightworkers received the same mistreatment.
All genuine Lightworkers went to hell and back. Those fluffy spiritual people who denied negativity or have never been attacked were never a threat to the parasitic pyramid matrix. Those who made a difference on this planet know the resistance and threats that come with the job. We even know of famous Lightworkers that had integrity and heart who went through the same attacks and isolation.
We didn’t come here to support the system, to get rich, popular or any luciferian illusions, we came to break that down! Evolved planets do not use money. In the loneliest times or even when I had nothing of mine, I volunteered for the elderly, helped others and now rescue Animals who come here. People are lying when they say they can’t help others because they don’t have money, they just don’t Love. There is always a way to share, help or be a relief to others. Volunteer work and service to others is the best way to heal anything, although we should never sacrifice, enable or let others take advantage of our kindness. Discernment is gold at this time.
Without ego, I say that I know what Love is. And Love allows every Being to just be. No amount of philosophizing, distorting or hijacking of Truths will change that Compassion is Benevolent.
Compassionate slaughter…
Organic fed Animals…
It’s mind-boggling what this world came to in these end times and some people are truly spiritually sick and crazy.
In this Ascension times, please let Animals go free. Do not impose trauma, emotional or physical pain upon these Souls.
Your Soul will have to rectify harming others for as long as it takes. When a ‘higher’ species interfere with a less conscious one, they are ‘tied’ to the lower one (read it multidimensionally, I’m don’t work with hierarchy but vibration) for as long as its needed because once we evolve into Love, we can’t help but go back and undo the harm we’ve done.
There are races who cannot Ascend because of some mistakes they’ve done to some less conscious civilizations knowing or unknowingly. They are so tired but have been helping for eons until the lower race is set free or the harm they caused is undone. There are many things happening on Earth right now, and being helped by some who wronged us is one of them as well, so do not worship Ets.
We are supposed to guide and nurture those who are less aware, not take advantage, profit or parasitize off of them. Obviously, these actions attracted technologically more advanced negative aliens to siphon from us too.
Lifestyles that harm Animals is also destroying the environment. Some traumatized Animal Souls then incarnate as HUmans and we’ve seen how split or violent some of them can be in our society. In that way, the cycle continued with the harmed becoming the aggressor until we have this mess.

If we are going to consider a hierarchy by which Animals should be sacrificed because they are ‘less intelligent’, then Pigs are smarter than Dogs and Cats.
Some people find abhorrent that some eat Dogs and Cats in South Korea and China (the latter due to extreme poverty), but there is absolutely no difference compared to what others do to Cows and Pigs in other countries. We can see how most HUmans are compartmentalized and one dimensional.
Some non-evolved alien races also despise us while others want us to be free to just evolve on our own. Some believe we are to be exploited while others are supporting us.
Before making Animals through anything, let’s put ourselves in their places because what we do to others will be done to us.
I’ve known a person who was a traumatized and tortured dairy cow as his/her first incarnation on the planet. You have no idea how heartbreakingly fearful, confused and fragmented he is and I tried to help this person for a very, very long time. I had to give up for my own preservation in the end.
I’ve been mindful to undo any harm I caused since I was little because I’ve been subconsciously trying to untie myself from Earth. It’s my last lifetime here if I want. I feel like in 2006 I was done with it and that’s why that traumatic Dark Night of the Soul happened and I lost everyone. I literally started separating from the old Earth then and I live in a separated reality from people I knew. It’s been a healing journey ever since and my intention has been to leave all I know for those who want to reach peace, self-Love and full alignment with Source (which is Ascension in a sense but more important than).
I am more blissful than when I tried to fit in or tried to make others happy, and it’s always increasing.

Much Love.
Please hug your Animal children for me.

Marta, a Humanitarian, Vegan and Environmentalist living in Japan


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