Message from the Dolphins

Message from the Dolphin People

I do not channel. I experienced it from 17 ~23 years old and it was very draining. We are evolving into a smooth, energizing form of communications with higher levels. Maybe it worked or was necessary in the past but no longer.
As I ‘meditated’ laying down for a long time, I suddenly had a vision of Dolphins swimming and playing in circles above me in the sea. From inside the circle, there was this beautiful shimmering sunlight entering the water. It was a Dolphin ceremony. They are not what many think they are, they are People. As I realized I was being invited, I floated until I was inside the circle and opened my arms and started to spin around. They were moving me into a higher dimension. At first, they were showing themselves as the Dolphins we know from our reality.
That was part of the message. I started seeing their beautiful 5D blue colors which is like nothing we’ve seen on this plane.
Somehow, their beautiful laughter, song, and language were translated into our words and they said:
‘When you keep looking and looking, you are spinning. You turn round and round and you’ll never find.
Stand still and you will see the answer was already there.’
I felt like when we keep moving, doing too much or keep busy, we increase anxiety.
When I was a little worried about the spinning, trying to understand it I only heard the water going around me. Once I trusted them and went with the flow, I realized their song – the sounds they make – had meaning and it was this message. Before I relaxed I couldn’t hear their guidance.
Higher Dimensional Beings are funny, they never explain something using just words which are a poor way of communication. Color, movement, intention, feelings, symbols and more are all used so we really get their message. There are no misunderstandings.

Sending you Dolphin Joy and Play through this Light encoded message. We can raise our vibrations when we think of them or any Higher Beings. It creates a link with their energy, that’s why I came in to tell their stories, galactic or interdimensional visions.

Marta, a Dolphin lover.


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True Lightworkers don’t copy, they are Creating the New.


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