Starseeds and Self-Worth Issues

tumblr_pl57siPtWe1tf6q2z_1280For those Souls who recently came from more peaceful worlds, this world could seem very harsh. The vibration is lower, the traditions barbaric, Humans, Animals and the Environment are parasitized on here. In our utopic worlds, we left everyone to just be.
We were born idealists but most people around us have a pessimistic or conformist view.
If we keep looking outside of ourselves, we forget in time we came here to embody the new, to be a beacon of Light and continuously live in the way we want and know it’s right, in a unique way. That we came here to co-create and those who have been stuck here for an era, incarnating into barbarism and separation cannot possibly create something new because they were conditioned into loop thinking, and questioning is not encouraged, lifetime after lifetime. Earth needed different Souls (not better) to come in and stir things a little.
Starseeds are then attacked and our energy is stolen by some very dark people and entities who are afraid of change. Our own blood-related people such as family and relatives, then the larger world in schools or work environments seem to recognize the difference and those in a fear frequency attack the different or new. We believe that those who know us since birth were supposed to understand us and if they don’t, that’s a huge blow to our self-worth. We may carry the image they had of us for a long time into adulthood.
Even though things were pretty rough and painful here until recently, many want to continue because it’s all they know consciously, intuitively and on a cellular level. The trauma runs very deep.
In time, the harsh treatment may convince us we are unworthy, that there is something wrong with us because it literally only happens to us. You may have looked around at other girls your age, your cousins, school colleagues and neighbors and none of them go through so much trauma as you do.
At the same time that the high vibration of an open heart is repellent to most people who are stuck on the same thoughts, it is also magnetic to those who are starving for Light. We generate that energy from within, by serving others, living for the good of All and in integrity.
The word for the new world of 2012 is Unity. An etheric grid is already in place and it benefits those who are heart-based. People, business, teachings and systems that are not built for the highest good of all People, Animals and Mother Nature will not survive the new grid, no matter how much they work on their image or spend on ads. It’s already here, the world already changed and it’s benevolent, on an energetic level. We only have to LIVE that to embody it here.
There are many things we can do to heal from unprovoked attacks, a lifetime of dark looks, bullying or downright dislike. Having time alone can make you reconnect with your inner core again, where empowerment comes from. That will lead you to become One with Source, in time. That’s why we might lose people when it’s time to go on Hermit mode. Cleansing the subconscious mind of all the garbage thrown at us in the past can show what is true and we can actually improve, and what needs to go away. As Empaths we carry mountains of things that are not ours. To destroy thought forms, question them and live in the now. They are usually neutralized instantly.
Be in neutrality. Trying to be happy always led me to deep depression and despair, its opposite polarity. Being service to others to the point of sacrifice to then lose my energy and become resentful and angry at them were two sides of the same coin. We are not saviors and do not need to work for free all the time. There are certain times where Source asks us to volunteer and it’s a pleasure for compassionate people, but we shouldn’t sacrifice all the time. Polarities don’t work, both lead to unbalance or suffering. Source is Neutral. Polarity was a creation and experience, it’s done now.
Cut the toxic people out, no matter if they are family or if you know them for all of your life. The one with a higher vibration keeps dragging those with a lower. When we meet those in a matching vibration, bliss and harmony flows. No one is happy to endure a different frequency. It’s for the good of all. We are not forcing or carrying anyone into Ascension. Each person can choose for themselves. If they are critical, violent, judge or harm others then the choice is already made. They can change at any time. Ascension is work and effort, we can only do it on our own. It takes a strong person, it’s not for everyone. Others want to go through a longer period of suffering, as hard as it is to believe.
I’ve done the rescuing thing in the past and seen those who can’t or won’t get out of pain. Some people ask for help but they don’t want to heal, they just want others to hit rock bottom with them. It’s important to only help those who take responsibility for themselves, otherwise, they just dump their crap on us, promising they’ll change. There are people who like drama, or being a victim, they are not done with that experience and there’s no judgment at all. We all indulged in less than enlightened habits or addictions.
A good technique to protect ourselves from those attracted to heart-based people to steal energy is to visualize ourselves vibrating in rainbow pastel colors. Do not mind about the colors, you’ll visualize what you intuitively need. See, feel or intend yourself vibrating higher and higher and declare that you are invisible to those below the Love frequency. Quit the black or white/polarity mentality and do not beat yourself down if some attack still happens here and there, it only means we are still in the frequency range of low vibration people. What many haven’t noticed yet is that it has been long since we’ve been within reach of the lowest of the lower levels, like the bottom of the pit.
I used to get attacked by interdimensional entities when I was little. After evolving to Vegan and having my consciousness expanding while raising my vibration, only PHYSICAL low-frequency people could reach me and that decreased as well since 2012. There were two online drama attempts at the first half of 2018 but I ignored, blocked and cleansed them and the entities behind those sick people. They just found maybe their last pathway to me. In time, they will have no other. It’s time we care for ourselves and give these type of people and entities nothing to feed upon as the worlds split.
We can also Co-create a high vibrational hub in our house to make it 5th dimensional with visualization and prayer, supported by Source, our Guardians, Guides and Angels. We are the main creators of our healing, protection and rituals though. Be integrity yourself in everything you do, think and intend. Feed yourself with high vibration, by giving up horror movies, news, evolving to Vegan, being more environmentally friendly and such things. When we are self-aware and meditate we know the next steps to heal and improve. These are some of the things we can start now to cut ourselves from the old crumbling world.
We are needed on the higher timelines, to hold and empower them. If we look, watch, read or pay any attention to the old patriarchal world screaming in their death throes, we give it the energy to continue for a few more decades. The shift happens in waves, but if all truly heart-based people put our hearts in what’s holy and good, we will accelerate it considerably.
Heal those things they said you were.
When you are in emotional turmoil, stop, breathe and then dig deep as neutrally as possible to see why you are feeling this way. It usually means a thought form is running wild again.
It goes something like this: ‘I’ve never accomplished anything’ or ‘I have no money like ‘normal’ people’ or any beliefs that make us feel inadequate, insecure or ‘less’ than others.
Ok, so who said you never accomplish things? Take into consideration the things you did succeed in, no matter how little they were and this thought form will evaporate instantly. If it’s too ingrained then you’ll have to remind yourself that you are capable when the old feeling comes back, that’s why we need to be self-aware and pay attention to what’s going on within by living in the moment.
Healing comes in spiraling waves. It’s not that you are not getting better when the lower emotion returns, it’s just that there is a deeper layer that hasn’t completely gone away yet. Do not let the mind take over and create new stories from old pains, remain centered. Pain and trauma cause flashbacks, we need to be strong to gently pull ourselves from these lower dimensions. A ‘part’ of ourselves still remain in those lower timelines, what we are doing is cleansing any debris from them so we can fully embody all of our parts back. We feel drained and hopeless when we forget parts of our energy in suffering realms. The goal is to be fully embodied in the now. There is no need to pay expensive ‘Shamans’ for soul retrieval, you can do it through meditation, diligence, intuition and faith. Nor do we need any other trademarked or healing techniques with an expensive consumptive model that feels for-profit because that’s not of the new energy. On the other hand or from another level, a fair energy exchange needs to be in place or those sacrificing will be left drained, but the person or healing method must empower and free us, not work in a way that it’s temporary and will have us coming back out of need or disempowerment. Be aware of anything living off of you. Discernment is to FEEL what’s behind what we can see and trust our gut, not ‘experts’, books or ‘authorities’. Discernment will grow to Knowing. Knowing is based in truth while believing is weak, that’s why people fight for their opinions and want to convince others. Those who just Know do not preach. They have pure faith that Truth will come out at the right time as they are connected to Source. When we lack trust and hope, it means we need to build a deeper relationship with our Creator even though She/He is already within and without us.
There is always inner work to do so let’s forget the dramas out there that keep triggering our inner pain. We do not need to suffer for this work. Once we occupy our Hearts fully, we become One with Source and feelings flow freely. Feeling sad, joyful, excited and all array of emotions happens in waves and will go away if we don’t keep attaching to them. Yes, depression seems painful but should only be a temporary state. If we force ourselves to grab on to happiness and joy, then all the lower emotions get stuck too. It is unnatural to be smiling all the time. It is HUman to feel all. Source wants to experience, and we are Source.
Many of us Starseeds suffer from the ‘not being normal’ syndrome. Break that down. What does being ‘normal’ means? Being a 3D person when 3D doesn’t even exist anymore? Seeking fame, money, a college degree or control? Deep inside we know we didn’t come here for these traps in the matrix, we came to break it down. If we get sad for not having a supportive family, a boyfriend, friends or a ‘normal’ and lucrative career, let’s remember these are all illusions, they are not reasons for us to feel unworthy or depressed. Great people in history (not famous but great) went through periods of isolation or a very hard life to become who they were. They didn’t have it easy because they were strong enough. It brought their Light, strength and Love to the surface.
Maybe the world beat us up pretty badly, but not loving ourselves is not normal, it’s a distortion. We believed in the image of how others saw us, and we need to recover our own sense of self. We can’t look outside of ourselves for validation. Criticism and accolades must mean very little. We didn’t come here to look good or make others happy, we must detach from that.
It is hard for Empaths to be ourselves. The collective consciousness is in turmoil, there is a lot of fear, insecurity, self-esteem issues, anxiety, blaming and judging others instead of looking at their own selves.
As we create a high vibrational house we are healing while we are inside that other dimension. There is a buffer from those energies. Some Lightworkers and Starseeds lost themselves in the dismantling systems, but those of us who still occupy our Hearts will realize or maybe find information like this to remind us that we have a safe haven.
And when we don’t have the higher dimensional hub to run to yet, we have our hearts. Always. Stay in there, don’t close it down, it’s your Stargate to Source, although Creator is also within us. We may fall into the illusion that we are cut out from Her/Him because this Universal experiment was meant for us to have the experience of separation to choose Love or fear. As we keep going back to the most sacred temple within, we can reconnect rather quickly. Remember the most important secret on Earth: ‘Know thyself’. That’s why there were so many control systems, distraction and fear campaigns in the old Earth – which many people still re-create. Once you reach self-love and confidence, you are unstoppable.
Question everything you know and start light. Instead of checking what others are doing, take the time to Be and Do things your own way. We are here to Create the New. Very few of us remember that and getting inspired from others turned into copying.
The more you remain calm and centered, the mind-control, harmful thought forms and toxicity can leave your bodies and mind more easily. When you enter your high vibrational home, a shift starts automatically.
As those who are truly awakened and walk the path create their enlightened haven or communities of Light, we will have higher reality bubbles here and there until the whole Earth is bursting with Light.
Let us all do our part. Forget about the waiting games, conspiracies and everything low vibrational. If it brings you discomfort, anxiety or fear, it needs to leave. One day, none of us will pay attention to these systems and then there’ll be no one powering their controlling and judgmental religious cults, toxic ‘entertainment’ that stopped being art a long time ago, cruel brands and products destroying the environment. They are only there because of the unaware who watch, buy and feed them.
We, the people, have ALL the power.
When enough healing happens, your Higher Selves and Aspects of You can start to be embodied.
There’s no need to watch what is going on out there.
If I become integrity myself, integrity manifests in the world. If I AM loving, Love is created out there.
If we live peacefully then World Peace occurs.
It is Humanity’s subconscious conflicts, violence and hatred that is creating the outside terror. We need more people who have the guts to look within themselves.
It doesn’t matter others are not doing it, we are only responsible for our consciousness.
If High Vibrational Heart-Based people focus on the higher timelines and BEcome it, then the lower vibration follows because Higher is stronger than lower. Compassionate people – the Empaths or Humanity 2.0 – have a lot of influence Now. There were very few Heart-Based people throughout history, coming in and out and planting seeds of this Golden Age. Now they are here in a bigger number. There is no judgment but our path is clear now.
Love=Love. Harmony = Harmony. World Peace = Inner Peace.

You are not alone.



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