Beloved departed Animals

dove-2680487_1920As Starseeds we might have been disappointed with more than a few Humans and found friendship with Animals.
I’ve always spoken up and helped them and almost died saving one. Animals are part of my mission, that’s why I speak on their behalf as I took the time to understand them. There were no Animals in the planet where my Soul comes from. Most people have no idea how precious they are and how lucky we are to have them here.
I thought it was about people rescuing them but what I’ve found is that as intelligent and emotional Souls, they know when you are helping them and are thankful. They give us healing, happiness and important life lessons in return. As Beings who have not developed egos, Animals are pure Love. We are here to nurture and guide Animals as our younger sisters and brothers, they, in turn, support and learn from us.
When we move the ego out of the way, we can ‘hear’ them. Animals ‘talk’ through energy, feelings, intentions, wishes and images. It was no coincidence that every time I chose a different or sometimes dangerous street, I would find an Animal needing assistance there. They call for those who care and sometimes it’s their Guardians who are doing it. And no matter in what bad neighborhood I would end up in, I was always protected when in service.
We had to put Pearl to sleep recently after a long, long battle.

She changed my life forever. As I write this, my eyes are filling with tears but they are of both sadness and joy.
I’m healing faster than ever before as I keep Ascending and embodying more Light, with less space for lower emotions. Every time I lost an Animal I would go down for weeks. I got up and functioned normally the next day, after a draining night of crying my hearts out, of course. That never, ever happened before in 39 years.
Since 2012, we’ve been losing an Animal almost every year. It was quite unbearable. A year wasn’t time enough for me to heal. It seems I’m renewing myself fast now, it only takes some processing.
I rescued Pearl from puppy mill ten years ago. She was locked in a cage. She never saw sunlight or even moved. She was already an elderly – 8 years old – and I feared she had only come to me to have some love before going away so she wouldn’t pass to the other side traumatized. Love cures trauma.
She was overweight, smelling like nothing I’ve ever seen, she had no muscle in her back legs and she was extremely depressed.
I danced, created a song just for her (I have healing frequencies in my voice) and made a fool of myself trying to cheer her up. By the end of a month, I was saddened as it seemed there was no hope. She just sat there, afraid to look at me and only eating when I left the room. I cried every day at the time, without knowing I was actually transmuting her pain.
I didn’t know what an Empath meant back then.
When I was on my computer, I would put her near the window across the room so she would have sunlight. One day I hear that noise when nails hit the floor when Animals walk (adorable) and when I looked back, I was stunned. Her big eyes looked at me in fear but hope and she tried to cross the polished wood floor to get to me. It was the first time she looked at me in the eye. She never had any reaction before that. At that miraculous moment, she looked at me with determination and I empathically felt she missed me. When she wasn’t having sunlight codes, I would always have her on my lap. I would caress her, talk to her and give her treats. Until then I was never sure if she liked the cuddles or even being near me. I just kept following my heart, always feeling that touch was what she most needed to heal.
She then started to fall and get up again. I knew how strong she was then. I immediately ran to her and gave her a hug. After that, she never tried the wood floor again. Another trauma. I experimented with plastic sheets and surfaces that would make her feel safe to walk around. She had no strength on her back legs so she slippered a lot.
She never left the living room. She only walked on the enormous sheet my husband cut for her, but she barely went beyond that area. The sheet was big enough to almost cover the whole room. For her, it was already a big world because, for all her life, she only knew a tiny space. She stayed in the living all day, sometimes in the kitchen when we took her and to our bed where she slept between us. She and I have been glued to the hip for this last ten years and I’ll miss her.
I can see beyond death. It doesn’t matter, it still hurts.
I was there with her on the spiritual plane where some benevolent beings take care of the Animals of this region. She was getting better. I sat up suddenly at 2:22 am because my Higher Self knows I have difficulties bringing memories from higher realms back to my body. When I need to bring back something important, I hear a loud crash or I sit up.
When I rescued her, I saw her state and I promised her I would always stand up for compassionate treatment of Animals. It doesn’t matter if it’s the puppy mill or dairy industry, she went through what cows suffer every day for those who don’t even need another species’ milk. I can only imagine how many babies Pearl lost for profit. I kept that oath and always will. Please don’t buy or use Animals! They are sacred and the most innocent beings on the planet. They are younger Souls. We can’t take advantage of them. Older Souls protect, nurture and guide younger Souls. We are traumatizing them and when they evolve into Humans, they start out with their left foot and we’ve all known extremely split and traumatized Humans and what they do in their unbearable pain.
Pearl taught me perseverance. She didn’t give up even when faced with physical challenges. Humans disappointed her but she forgave, loved and laughed again.
She taught me loyalty. She was always staring at me, always waiting on the rare occasions I went out. She taught me humility and the power of silence. She has been through the end of my Dark Night of the Soul and she changed me for the better. When we help other people or animals, we are the ones who benefit the most.
She spread so much love everywhere she went that everyone in the veterinarian office was devastated. The universe gave me another miracle on the day of her departure and there were no clients in a veterinary office that were always full. He is really good and popular.
I felt like we were put in another dimensional bubble so Pearl could be honored as she deserved. I received many of these small interventions and miracles in my life when I needed the most. NEVER before we went there with any of our Animals (children) and had half an hour for ourselves without any other clients.
When the group of Spiritual Animal helpers arrived, they tried to make themselves known. I saw a flash of light crossing my view and some mist in the waiting room. That’s when I knew for certain it was indeed, her time to go. Her Angels were ready.
She passed away peacefully in my arms and I felt her leaving. On her last day, she wasn’t even raising her head anymore. We tried all we could and she gave her best too, but I could only predict suffering for her future.
I meditated for 3 hours or so to be sure I went deep enough to become One with Source and asked Her, receiving a clear Yes, that it was Pearl’s time.
A few days before that, Pearl had looked at me and time stopped. That’s the only way I can explain the multidimensional ‘knowing’, meaning I have this weird feeling I need to pay attention to something because it’s very important.
She didn’t look at me normally but had this meaningful look like she wanted me to understand something. It was a serious and thoughtful look, almost like a Human. It was more of her Higher Self being embodied and making sure I listened. I had an instant ‘Knowing’ that she was tired and didn’t want to do this anymore. I was going to defend her wish but my husband and the vet wanted one more day. He was going to try a remedy that didn’t hurt or anything as he wanted to see if the problem was her stomach, as she coughed blood the night before. The next day, she looked at me a few times like I let her down but I explained to her that I did it for her father. It’s soothing for Animals that we explain things directly. I only accepted one more day because it was really hard on my husband. I explain or share spiritual stuff with him but he seems to forget all that when a crisis occurs.
I think this is a role of the Lightworker. When we are healed, we remain neutral and calm in the face of disaster, death and such while everyone around us is freaking out. It happened a lot in my life.
Pearl wasn’t suffering any pain either. So I gave him one more day and told him the signs but he is more rational and I could see he was grasping for excuses to keep her here, but on the next day I put my foot down and spoke on her behalf.
The great pain of saying goodbye to my Baby girl was a major shift in consciousness yet again.
Can’t believe she won’t be here. At the same time, I AM happy two of my Babies are together now. Pearl was really sad when we lost Diamond so suddenly in 2016 and she was lonely. Diamond was another traumatized puppy mill victim of 6 years old. When I raised my hand to tie my hair, she screamed and I had a flash of the puppy mill owner beating her. She healed a lot and I helped to transmute much of it but unfortunately, her heart continued to leap out of her throat and she remained jumpy till the end. She had a heart attack quite suddenly because of her fears. It was constant, you couldn’t move suddenly without warning her and obviously, that is not always possible. She was an Indigo Dog*, an aspect of my Star Family that came here to help me heal. When I cried, she would look at me with so much intensity, always helping me snap out of lower thoughts or mood. After this intense training, she went away, leaving me bleeding and raw. I only had 4 true friends in life and I consider her the last one I had. I love everyone and all the animals, but the bond Diamond and I had was extraordinary. I might tell her story in another post but I am not sure if it would benefit others as she came here exclusively for me. I still visit her and she is much better, no traumas.
Animals are happier if rescued in pairs so they have someone else of the same species that totally get them. We can’t have them for our needs, they are not things, we need to consider everything for their good and see if we can fulfill that and then rescue or bring them in. If we live in an apartment that only allows one animal, then we need to consider if it’s in their best interest to leave them all by themselves for 8 ~ 10 hours because we want some company at night. We can’t be selfish. Children or Animals must be brought under our care for the right reasons. If we are being needy, we need to work on that first or they will suffer. Adopting is half about them and half about us, that’s why so many people abuse their children or animals. They were accidents or brought in for the wrong reasons. We are not leaves in the wind. We are intelligent and sovereign Humans and must only bite what we can chew.
We must only adopt animals if we truly love them, not because we are grieving, lonely or whatever, they are not band-aids.
Pearl was also pretty sick when she came in. She had horrible cramps and I changed her to a Vegan diet (the Italian brand Ami* which I am not promoting) and she adjusted so well. Since she was 8 years old until recently, she acted like a young dog. And she lived for 18 years, which is great for a small dog. I was really afraid she was not going to last that long as she developed a heart problem due to immobility and bad diet before she came to me. I’ve seen the shift and can say that Veganism saved my Dogs and gave them a better life, as well as it expanded my consciousness through the roof in 2009.
Diamond was addicted to dairy when she came in because she wouldn’t eat normally and the people in the organization that I adopted her from sprinkled it over the food as it was the only thing that made her eat. Dia farted a lot and I could see by her feces she was not doing well. That changed with the cruelty-free diet as she became sharper and more energetic. It also turned out she wasn’t eating due to stress as the woman always had at least 3 dogs in her house at the time until they were adopted.

Please kiss and hug those in your care, they are so precious.

Wishing you, your Family and Animals all the blessings in the Universe.

* A term coined by Denise LeFay, I think. She lost an advanced Cat in November 2016 and I lost my Indigo Dog a few days later in December.

*Ami Vegan Animal Food –


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