Planetary Paradigm shift


If we want to see a more humane society, do we buy products that are unfair to their employees?
Did the brand I AM $upporting crush small family business to get this big? Is this phone I am planning to buy employing Chinese slaves and pays them almost nothing? In that case, I could use the next best thing that is not doing that.
Just because their bosses are paying these overworked people, it doesn’t mean it’s close to enough. Am I going to continue to exploit people from certain countries that accept a few cents as payments because they have no other option?
Or am I going to remove my consent, my energy, and $upport so a new way is forced into physicality?
We need to allow and hold a clear space so a vortex is created from which Source can effortlessly bring benevolent systems into place. We do that by BEing and emBODYing that change, turning our backs completely to the old. Everything is possible to Great Spirit but She/He works with and through us by giving us INspiration, ideas and dreams.
A great part of the population and their beliefs are the only things in the way if they still pay, buy, check or watch these low vibration products, media, information, systems and ways below the Love frequency. That’s why there has been an effort to keep people distracted and disempowered. Miscreations are in place from siphoning people’s, animal’s and the planet’s energy. Source creations are sustainable and there is an energy flow coming from within and without. Most systems on Earth were not created from giving and receiving but only taking. In that sense, everyone supporting the pyramid with a few psychopaths on top are karmically participating by giving their subconscious consent, even if they don’t know what their work environment, their bosses, brand or products are truly about. Loving alternatives to everything we can imagine are coming to fruition every day so we need to research and support these New Earth Pioneers as they don’t have the means to do big advertisements. Donate, buy from them, contact or write them encouragements. While the old ways were used to getting away with anything, Lightworkers and Volunteers for a benevolent society receive a lot of resistance, backlash, criticism and attacks from the lower energies and those who are awake need to support each other. Many Heart-centered people have been discouraged and given up. No one can create endless energy and be INspired by giving and giving with no equal return and we need to stop demanding more from them. Support and remember those who helped you in any way.
On an individual level, we are automatically pulled into a higher frequency every time we disconnect from people, systems, teachings, beliefs and etc that is not based on Divine Law. They have the right to their choices according to free will, but so do we. The more we raise our vibration, the more intolerant and sensitive we become to things below the Love frequency. That’s why there is no need to fear any prediction or news coming to trap people’s consciousness because we always have the option to not participate by not vibrating in that frequency.
What happened on Earth is that there was a parasitic pyramid matrix where a few on top are sustained from the consciousness and vital energy from the majority who lived down below.
That darkness has been almost completely removed in the Ascending timelines and only Humanity’s beliefs are recreating it out of habit, ignorance or because many still love the parasitic ways so they can blame or expect things from others. We are all moving into our matching frequency more and more and a split is about to happen at any time now.
It has been unbearable to all involved: the negative, the positive and the neutral people who have been taking responsibility for themselves.
If I don’t like violence, am I killing or paying someone to harm Animals? Do I have any inner violence? Do I preach something and support another? Do I have values but at the slightest inconvenience do I let my morals go?
If I want to see art, why would I go watch violent movies and series, enriching and empowering people that we realize abuse their power and help little? Most celebrities and the powerful do some charity (which for them is like giving away 2 or 3 dollars for normal people) for pictures and then spend 364 days doing nothing to make this world better. That industries’ music and films are no longer art, which should be uplifting, help people awaken or teach something. For the sensitive, it’s possible to see symbolism and harmful energies put into trending ‘entertainment’.
Our subconscious mind is like a naive little girl that won’t take into consideration the actors’ are playing a role. The depraved or violent scenes will be ingrained into our subconscious and we may carry those ramifications throughout lifetimes, attracting or subconsciously Creating things accordingly. I was surprised one day to be clearing scenes I saw more than a decade before coming up to be released in the middle of the night. I was petrified just as I’ve been the first time I saw them. Imagine carrying many of these images with us for thousands of years.
If I want the truth, why would I ever continue to watch their news and tv?
I stopped doing so since 2002 and it automatically changed my paradigm considerably over time. I am a completely different person from who I was back then. I’ve never been a materialistic person, but with their tv PROGRAM I subconsciously felt a sense of inadequacy out of nowhere, like I am wrong for having so little, even though deep inside I am a minimalist. I do not confuse happiness with having stuff or money. When I tracked back the energy and original cause of it I found it was coming from the ideas we are brainwashed with from the media and collective beliefs. When we have a sudden shift of mood or energy, it might mean it’s coming from an outside source, especially if it goes against our nature or truths.
To get our consent, they tell us that it’s a program to mind control, that the drugs will get us addicted, plastic surgery will deform us into something subhuman and their tvs are channeling harmful energies into our homes.
Heart-based people have great power. We are the ones who need to be the change.
What is our number one wish for Humans, Animals or The Environment? Peace? What can I do then, to create a vortex and ground harmony into existence?
What little step I can take consistently to bring my dream for everyone into manifestation? How can I eat, think and wish to be more harmonious and peaceful?
Criticizing, watching and judging low vibrational people and systems is keeping them in place. As is polarity. If we want the dark to go down, we don’t discuss, fight or send emotionally charged energy towards them from the opposition, we create the solution. We carve a pathway out of hell. We can be part of the old crumbling patriarchal system or we can create the new. Creative and balanced Leaders who take action are the ones who are inheriting the Earth. There is no fighting anything, we don’t dismantle cruelty at its level of creation.
Farm Sanctuaries are helping more people evolve into Veganism than many other ideas just by showing people how Cows, Pigs and All have a Soul, personalities and emotions, just like Dogs and Cats do.
Creating eco-homes is much more important than arguing about free energy related conspiracies that may or may not be theories and adding anger energy to the collective.
Volunteering is more beneficial than sitting at home and complaining about how horrible HUmans are.
Higher vibration always beats lower. There is no need for one to lead a lot of people. For many, just living our own lives with integrity is enough of a help to the collective. When we heal ourselves and evolve, the world around us change.
In the New Earth paradigm, our dreams are not about a new car every year we want to ‘manifest’. Egotistical wishes will come in forms we don’t really want. The new car may come with so many problems or the selfish wish may have so many challenges we may feel it was better to not have them in the first place.
We played with polarity, good and evil, being service-to-self and monopoly money but Source is done with that. We are ALL fractals of Source and we are being called Home. Into a higher way of living.
We can take responsibility and go with the normal Ascension challenges or be dragged by the energies, having things we are attached to falling apart. I had to go through two life ‘crisis’ until I realized where I wasn’t in the flow and finally listened. It started in 1998.
The new grid supports creations that benefit All. Our manifestations can’t harm any Living Being. That’s why service to self businesses, people and systems are crumbling or being exposed every day.
It’s not about money or abundance. In time, we are moving beyond the monetary system as it’s the norm in more evolved planets. Business will become service, the reward will be Love and Unity. Until then, we use the exchange with honor and are open to other forms of payment.
Why not pay with food or exchange our natural gifts? The exchange needs to be valuable and fair to both sides, however.
Having more than others is an ego necessity. Everything that comes from the ego is a lie and will crumble now and only what’s from the Heart can remain standing. The game ended in 2012 and for those who have ‘eyes to see’, the energies are very different now. We are living in a very different world already but it’s still in transition.
Venting on social media, sharing low vibration news is only adding anxiety to the planetary grid, we all can feel it. Being a beacon of Light is the solution. We can’t save or heal anyone, only support or INspire them to remember who they are and their power.
When we do our part as we feel it’s right at every moment, we are a pure conduit for Source to work with us. When we live in integrity we don’t have time to point the finger, check what is trending/distracting people’s consciousness or criticize anyone.
I’ve always been working on my courage, integrity and what I want to see in the world since I was 4. Back then I only smiled at everyone I saw. My service kept growing and improving over the years as the Life Purpose became clearer. In time, it became easier to figure out why I was in a certain school, work environment or why I met a certain person I could help and what Source wanted to accomplish through me. We need to be walking the path of service already to figure out what our Life Purpose is. No guru, psychic, coach or ‘expert’ can tell us. The answer comes from within and at Divine Timing. Our mission is something we naturally feel INspired to do since we were born. We are already wired with certain talents in our DNA and energy for our mission. It will be a theme that keeps repeating throughout our lives like being an Empathic listener, a guide, having a clear aura that supports healing everywhere you go, a gift with Animals, the ability to read Energy, being a lie detector or someone who can see through the matrix, having the guts to speak up and so much more.
Before 2012, it was about cleansing very dark lower energies. Creation is becoming easier and soon, everything in the Highest good of ALL we can imagine will be possible.
Let’s work on our beliefs about needing money to create things and let ALL possibilities to present themselves.
The people, entities and energies who were trying to stop me fell away. Most of the conflicts and toxic vampires disappeared out of my reality because when we ascend in vibration by aligning what we say and do, with what we feel and think and do the best we can on the planet, all is well. I still find discomfort or opposing energies so shielding, cleansing ourselves and houses and doing decrees for the Planet is still a necessary Lightwork. Being Spiritual doesn’t mean to dissociate through bliss and lose discernment. It actually means to be very awake, mindful and having the courage to deal with our own shadows.

Wishing you the empowerment, wisdom and inspiration for you to be the change you want to see in the world.



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True Lightworkers don’t copy, they are Creating the New.


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