Q&A: ‘Am I an Empath?’


‘Hi! Can I have a question? Am I an empath if I feel physically sick in the presence of someone in pain or who is sick? The thing is I don’t feel their pain I just feel nauseous when I see them suffering. Also I experience feeling physically sick in hospitals and want to get out of there as quickly as I can. I am very drained after such an experience and need to rest after visiting someone in a hospital. Is it a sign I am an empath?’ – M…

M… I am sorry, I don’t know how long ago you wrote to me but I only came upon your message recently.
I don’t know if you mind having your identity known but by default, I’ll always hide it.
If someone wants to ask things openly, do so on the comments of this blog. And please always contact me through the form on this site. With the Ascension energy embodiment, I can’t keep up in social media.

You are definitely an Empath 🙂
And you intuitively already do what you need the most: to recuperate afterward.

I am an Empath myself and noticed that some are more sensitive in the different bodies: physical, mental, emotional or energetic, although we can develop all the others. We are born wired to perceive one area more than others.
I was more of an emotional and energetic Empath in the beginning but it keeps expanding. I do cringe badly when someone is hurt (physical) and had telepathic communications (mental) confirmed by the other person, although it’s rare.

I can only empathize and suggest the things that I’ve learned that worked for me.
When you feel what others are going through it can be Source working through you to help that person. It could mean their load is too great and you were the only one around as Empaths are still a minority. We are called to serve many times but must have self-care and our well-being as priorities.
And you definitely shouldn’t take more than you can chew and refuse service at any time either because you don’t feel well, feel drained or whatever. This is a free-will planet and empathic people usually do too much because there is too much pain in the world. Remember that Humans are sovereign and can heal themselves, most people just forgot.

Empaths can get off balance very easily as this is still a dense and unstable world, although that is changing with Ascension.
We Empaths tend to drown in what others feel so it’s important to keep our self-awareness, realize that we only needed to hold space, be detached, call for the person’s Guides, Guardians and Angels to bring their highest good. It’s better to not wish that their pain stop. (Everyone is going through something for a reason). It is enough that you care and that’s why you feel what they are going through. A lot of people do not care about others and the world needs all the loving people they can get. Heart-based people need to care for themselves first or others may take advantage. It happened to me thousands of times until I had enough.

Ask that under the Law of Grace, they are guided and protected, sending your intention forth or however feels best for you. Sometimes, a feeling and a thought are enough.
Energy needs to be witnessed to be moved and that’s why Empaths are called to see, feel or hold space for them to be released.
We are all fractals of Source. When we hold space in detached compassion and neutrality, balance is restored wherever we go.
Then detach yourself from that person. Do not feel guilty, do not carry their pain or focus on it as it will grow. Being as calm as possible even if you are called to intervene and help is what will transmute whatever it is that needs to go away.
By detaching I don’t mean that we do not care, just that we don’t take responsibility for anyone, carry them or their burdens around.

Meditate, relax, cleanse yourself energetically daily and build a strong connection to Source. When we are aligned, energy flows naturally and whatever we ‘catch’ from others are transmuted easily.
If you carry any debris it may come out in the form of tears, sweat, mood swings, body aches, grief, a cluttered mind and many other ways. By being mindful you’ll understand how your bodies work. By tracking the root cause you’ll know what to do. Slow rushing thoughts with breathing, walking or meditation, lay down and rest if the body aches, cry if you feel overwhelmed and so on.

With quiet time to go within, you’ll realize what’s yours and what’s from the collective or a person. Send all back to Source. As cleaners, we don’t leave these lower energies floating around.
I still get depressed, fearful or feel lower emotions that are being released from my own past but mostly it’s coming from the world. I don’t ever read the news but in these occasions, Source shows me a headline and I realize something painful happened in the world and that I helped many other Empaths to clear that but then I disconnect.

Maybe most Empaths are energy transmuters. Some of the pain you felt was a Divine Service because that person had too much to deal with on their own so a passing Physical Empath was there at the right place and time to help. You may be a kind of reverse channel who sends energy out of here, not bring in.

Create a high vibrational hub in your home by visualizing the construction and land shining in pure Source white-platinum Light. I’ll write a post on how to create a high vibrational bubble around the house but it takes time for me to edit.

There is nothing to fear, but Empaths have a lot of lower energies thrown our way so we need to be careful.

Have respectful and loving relationships, resolve or slowly let go of the rest. You don’t owe anyone anything. People who drain you energetically or hit your energy fields with disrespect and lower emotions do not deserve the honor to be in your life.

All these steps might take a long time, pick whatever you feel resonates with you. In meditation and a close relationship to Source, you will always get the next necessary step.

Just by being incarnated here, by breathing and by being alive, Empaths are doing a great service for Humanity, Animals and Mother Nature. The world needed more Love and so we (Empaths, Heart-based, Loving people) are here. Soon, everyone will be an Empath.
Many New Children are already extremely sensitive, they can even clear water, talk to animals and other wonders that are just normal in more evolved planets and dimensions.

That’s one of the root causes why so many are depressed: Humans are becoming more aware of the emotional body and they are clearing it too.
Empathy is a natural trait of evolved Beings, we feel for All because we are connected to All.
It’s neither a curse or a gift, if it was the norm, no one would hurt one another or animals as they would feel everything.

No one can lie to an Empath. Think about what will happen with governments, corruption and organized religions/cults very soon when people become able to ‘read’ energy.

Blessings and Love ❤



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