Personal Ascension Update

For some of us, the need to release layers of density came in strongly. There was no way to bring those lower emotions housed in our cells, emotional and even physical bodies to this new energetic rung.

Recently, I had a crying session due to triggers, broke a dish (lower vibrations leaving) and spilled water (emotional wash) many times. All of a sudden, it’s like I can’t hold a cup of water like a normal person or would bump into them. Thankfully, I don’t use the ones made of glass. I am not usually like this so when things start breaking and other anomalies, I pay attention.

Recently, I released a big chunk of a life long fear.
I know many talk about Reptilians in this world but that’s not who we had to deal with where my Soul comes from, but Spider-beings.
This life-long and galactic phobia materialized: I finally touched a spider. The Higher Self was like ‘You are not carrying this terror with you into higher dimensions, sorry. It will be quick and almost painless.’

I was moving my flower so she can get sunlight and this huge big a… spider is on MY HAND. Covering the entire back of my fricking hand!
I am mindful my words carry energy but did I curse on that morning? I used words I haven’t for a long time and it was such a stress relief. I clear myself and house energetically daily anyways so no harm done.
It’s important to express traumas and terror as soon as possible rather than house them in our bodies, as we do when we repress them.
That’s why women have been conditioned to act ‘nice’ and are frowned upon when we speak loud or stand up for ourselves. Or how boys are not supposed to cry or explore their feminine energy. All meant to suppress Humanity’s necessary purging and healing.

I screamed at 6 in the morning, when all was quiet and probably scared my peaceful neighbors. Then hubby said he thought something serious happened when he learned the house shook because of a spider.
Of course something serious happened, what was he talking about? I just overcame a big struggle, a galactic trauma, my arch enemy.

That’s how the flower dish broke as I threw the spider to my bed, the flower and dish to the ground and I just shook there as the trauma left my body, my cells and everything else.
A few days later, I see a smaller spider and I dared to remain nearby, watching her. I still don’t want to touch but I didn’t physically jump when I saw the spider, so I know a lot of fear has been dealt with.
At least I gave hubby have a good belly laugh.

There will be a point in our individual Ascension process where there’s nothing left to purge and we’ll feel peaceful all the time. I do feel neutral most of the day as I’ve been doing this since 1998. I used to react emotionally, many years ago. Now, I can usually breathe and then choose to not give my energy to things, which is what I decide 99% of the time. Emotional baits are always coming from a system or people trying to hook onto us to get energy, that’s why the drama, fearful news or the addiction to ego debates keep trending. Don’t let them hook to your consciousness.

We are not taking fears and distortions with us for those who chose evolution, as we climb step after energetic step. Many Lightworkers and Starseeds came to clear these things anyway, it’s all part of the mission.

Then the 6/6 portal arrived and all came full circle. When we look back, we always understand why so many things and emotional ups and downs happened. There is always a reason and it has to do with evolution. I was being cleared to cross another gateway. And HUmanity just got access to a higher organic timeline.

May your fears be released more peacefully than what happened to me! 🙂
I haven’t experienced adrenaline in a long time. I remember how awful it was to constantly feel anxiety and fear as I was never very good in navigating the crumbling 3D world. I wasn’t meant to support that matrix but help take it down.




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