Love doesn’t hurt

Sensitive Empath wound - love doesn't hurt

This world really functioned upside down in reverse energy patterns for us to have such a belief.

Attachment is what hurts.
Life is a constant energy flow.
Things will change and some people came to teach something, others were supposed to be helped by us through a phase, we exchange energy constantly with other HUmans and there are many other reasons why we have relationships. By digging the energetic root cause of everything, you will master yourself.
Deep inside, maybe you believed you found security for the person was your partner. Maybe you believed you found lifelong support if they were your friend.
We can even get attached to a toxic person who we would be better off without. We only got used to them.
The company of other people may also distract us from diving deep inside and that’s a priority if one has incarnated on Earth. Divine Neutrality will be the result of knowing and mastering yourself.
Maybe you got attached because the person provided you with something physical, like paying for half of the rent and that gave you the illusion of security.
Maybe it was something invisible, like comfort. Whatever it was the other person gave you, it shows where you can start to give yourself that. When we are not kind to ourselves, people out there rarely will treat us well. Not because we attract 100% of everything – like we could control what happens in the world when we can’t – but because when all sorts of people come into our lives, we settle or do not put up boundaries when needed.
Our wounds and beliefs can project something onto others without us even realizing. Maybe we get into a marriage thinking the person would save us, make us happy or something. Keep digging and shining the Light within and energy will flow through your Heart.
You will heal.
No one can heal you but yourself. Lightworkers may inspire others but each one of us does the inner work.
Once enough healing is done, you will feel more neutral, less reactive and controlled by the collective.
Empathy will show you where you could be of service when you feel like it but you wouldn’t sacrifice yourself anymore. And you wouldn’t soak up so much of what others are feeling and have stronger boundaries, recognizing your energetic signature and what belongs to someone else.
Love is detached actually. When we truly Love, we allow All Beings to just be as they are. We do not impose our will or grab onto them. When we are truly Loving, we Love ALL.
Love is reverence. We have the uttermost respect. It is all-encompassing.
There is no need to put the word unconditional before Love. Anything conditional is controlling and manipulative. Love is Love, It just Is.
Self-Love is a priority for if we do not know what it is, we will always get attached.

Attachment- love doesn't hurt finding self-love

Attachment is to look for the answers outside of ourselves…
While the whole Universe lies within.
Know yourself and you will understand everything and everyone.
Understanding is also Love.
What is not aligned with Love is what hurts.

You are so Loved!

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True Lightworkers are not recycling but Creating the New.

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