I am an Arcturian/Lyran Starseed Storyteller here to support Ascension.
I am also a Vegan/Rescuer/Animal Healer, can communicate with them a bit and speak on their behalf.

This is a 5D hub where we can share and mutually support each other from a place of Love and Authenticity as Lightworkers and Starseeds are isolated as Beacons of Light around the globe.

It is my hope that I can uplift, inspire or validate your experiences.

I want an About Me page to also be about those who helped me with a word, a sentence, their courage, example or whose energy activated me into a higher frequency and consciousness and they are Alex Collier, Lisa Renée, Denise LeFay, David Icke, Angelica Star, Eve Lorgen and others, such as my Aunt, who’ve done a lot for the planet multidimensionally but lived anonymously.  I am also thankful to some Lightworkers who were attacked badly and went offline or gave up their public life – which is completely understandable as Truth, Light and Love have been crucified on this planet for thousands of years, even by the people we actually were trying to help. They are in my prayers and I am sure they don’t want to be mentioned.

English is not my first language and I am humbly thankful for any corrections, although sometimes I am really trying to make a multi-dimensional point.

Thank you and much Love to you.
Pure Source is encoded in all posts.

I Love All,